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Thikamakatanda Movie Review

 Thikamakatanda Movie Review


Check out the Review of Thikamakatanda starring Harikrishna, Ramakrishna, Annie, Rekha Nirosha, Sivannarayana, Rocket Raghava, Yadama Raju, Bhaskar Directed by Venkat Story given by  Nirup Kumar Produced by Tirupathi Srinivasa Rao under TSR Moviemakers Tirupati Satyam presented this film Harikrishnan handled Camera Edited by Kumar NirmalasrujanMusic composed by  Suresh Bobilli


 In a remote village called Tikamakatanda, the problem of forgetfulness is common. To get rid of that problem, they think let's hold Ammavari Jatra. But the statue of goddess of that village will disappear. How did this town get the amnesia problem? How did the statue of goddess in the village disappear? You have to watch the movie to know the difficulties faced by the heroes and people of the village to solve the problem of the village and bring back the statue.


As far as the actors are concerned, Harikrishna and Ramakrishna, who were introduced as the twin heroes, performed very well in their first film. The two heroes did dances and fights were also excellent. In the past, fight masters Ram, Laxman were twins from the Telugu film industry, but now twins Harikrishna and Ramakrishna are introduced as heroes. After playing the role of Mallamma in the movie Rajanna, Annie as Mallika was introduced as the heroine in this movie. She played the role of a village girl very well and emotional scenes were played very well. In the song Oho Puttadi Bomma Annie looks really like a Puttadi Bomma. Rekha Nirosha acted as another heroine. Though short in length, she did justice to her role. And when it came to the role of director Venkat, he proved himself not only as a director but also as an actor. Bullet Bhaskar, Yadavaraju and Sivannarayan have done justice to their roles.

Technical Aspects 

Believing in the storyline chosen by director Venkat, TSR movie makers company Tirupathi Srinivasa Rao produced the movie without taking any step back with good technical values. The photography by DOP Harikrishnan is very good. Music by music director Suresh Bobbili is another plus point of the movie. The highlight of the movie is the Oho Puttadi Bomma song sung by Sid Sriram. Movie locations background actors acting are all natural.


 'Thikamakatanda' title is 100% apt for the movie.

Rating: 3/5.

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