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Suma Kanakala's Festival For Joy (FFJ)'s new initiative with NATS, TFJA for X Mas and New Year

 Suma Kanakala's Festival For Joy (FFJ)'s new initiative with NATS, TFJA for X Mas and New Year

In 2021, Suma Kanakala established the philanthropic organization 'Festival For Joy,' and since the auspicious occasion of Dasara, it has been tirelessly contributing to the well-being of the community. Particularly noteworthy is its focus on supporting ten women from the film industry who faced livelihood challenges due to the pandemic. Festival For Joy, in collaboration with the NGO Prajwala, not only offered these women new avenues for livelihood but also addressed their essential needs, such as the supply of provisions.

As Festival For Joy (FFJ) celebrates its remarkable two-year anniversary, its commitment to infusing festivals with purpose and fostering positive impacts shines through. FFJ has played a pivotal role in empowering transgender individuals to establish their own businesses and supporting the economic rehabilitation of survivors of sex trafficking.

Ahead of the festive season of Christmas and New Year, Suma Kanakala has introduced a captivating and innovative initiative through her NGO, Festival For Joy. This new endeavor aims to bring smiles to the lives of the underprivileged, and Suma joyfully announced FFJ's collaboration with the North America Telugu Society and Telugu Film Journalists' Association (TFJA). 

Suma shared the exciting news that FFJ, in partnership with the North America Telugu Society (NATS), is fulfilling a long-standing dream to provide insurance facilities for journalists in need. NATS is generously contributing 5 lakh to the Telugu Film Journalists' Association (TFJA) insurance fund, benefiting members and their families with health and accident insurance. The collaboration between NATS and FFJ exemplifies a strong commitment to social welfare.

The Telugu Film Journalists' Association, with a current membership of 173, has been actively working to promote and safeguard the profession of film journalism in Telugu. Suma expressed her gratitude to NATS organizers for joining her initiative and supporting film journalists and their families. Suma personally thanked NATS 2023 Sambaralu Convener Sridhar Appasani, Chair Woman Aruna Ganti, President Bapu Nooti, Vice Chairman Prashanth Pinnamaneni,Board and Executive Committee  Members, Raj Allada,Board of Directors.

When asked about the inspiration behind helping journalists and providing insurance facilities, Suma revealed that she learned about the challenges faced by journalists through her friends in the journalists association. Understanding that TFJA has over 400 members when including family, Suma emphasized her concern for family members, indicating that they are always at the forefront of her thoughts. TFJA also revealed that they have been working hard to provide insurance facilities to the members for the past three years coming up with various insurance plans.

TFJA members extended their gratitude to Suma for her thoughtful initiative and pledged to promote her cause to gain recognition. Suma, in turn, expressed her hope that her various initiatives through FFJ would garner increased funding and enable her to continue her impactful work with renewed vigor. initiative's unwavering commitment to inclusivity and non-discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, or gender. With heartfelt conviction, she reiterated that NATS stands as a beacon of unity, embracing diversity in all its forms.

Furthermore, Suma shed light on the resonating spirit behind the slogan "North America Telugu Sambaralu," emphasizing the celebration of Telugu culture and heritage on the North American continent. Her words carried the essence of fostering a sense of community, transcending geographical boundaries and creating a shared space for Telugu-speaking individuals to come together, connect, and celebrate their cultural roots. Suma's dedication to promoting harmony and inclusiveness within NATS was evident as she eloquently conveyed the organization's commitment to creating a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their background.

Donors who wish extend your hand for a good cause can mail us at enquiry@festivalsforjoy.com or festivalsforjoy@gmail.com

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