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Pindam Success Meet Held Grandly

 'Pindam' proved that audiences would receive a film very well if there is enough content in it: Film unit

The latest box office release in Telugu, 'Pindam', which was released in theatres on December 15, has been receiving amazing response from audiences.

The horror film directed by Saikiran Daida and features Srikanth Sriram, Kushee Ravi, Srinivas Avasarala, Easwari Rao, Ravi Varma. Other cast members include: Manik Reddy, Baby Chaitra, Baby Leisha, Vijayalakshmi and Srilatha in crucial roles.

The movie is produced by Yeshwanth Daggumati under the banner Kalahi Media. During the success meet organised here in the Hyderabad on Monday, the entire cast and crew shared their experience of working for the success of Pindam.

Saikiran Daida: When I first started the film, I didn't expect that Pindam would have such wide theatrical release. Today it is being screen over 500 theatres worldwide. In USA, Pindam is being screened in 120 theatres. It is not a normal thing for us. I thank my distributors in India and in the USA for their unwavering support. I should thank my brother and producer of Pindam, Yeshwanth Daggumati for his dedication. Another main pillar of Kalahi Media is our executive producer Suresh garu. He has been amazing with his work. I would like to thank the entire director team, casting director Satish, editor Prasad. Music composed by Krishna Saurabh is amazing in Pindam. He is a great talent, he has a long way to go. Actor Sriram garu is very cool.

Producer Yeshwanth Daggumati: It's been a happy occasion to celebrate the success of our horror thriller Pindam which is produced under Kalahi Media. I thank the entire media fraternity for standing behind us like a pillar. Pindam has once again proved that audiences would come to theatres if the content is good. The result of Pindam showed the increase in theatres elsewhere. Actor Sriram has been looking the same as he appeared in television when I was a small boy. I am blessed to have worked with him. Entire cast and crew did a marvelous job. Ravi Varma's character was kept under the wraps because we decided to surprise audiences.

Actor Sriram: It's 15 long years since I got a break in Telugu film industry. I first thank the audiences for giving me the success after a longtime. You have given us the belief that a film is made with discipline, hardwork and sincerity, it would certainly give success. Yesterday, when I was having a nice time with my family, I said one thing. Never give up in life. There will be a ray of hope. It gives a start again. I must say that the media has been very supportive all through our journey. I thank PRO Venugopal garu for his dedication in promoting the film Pindam. I thank Shanker Pictures distributors.

Writer Kavi Siddharth: We're very lucky to have received an amazing response from audiences. Good cinema always attracts good audiences. I believe in it. This encouragement from audiences is a major encouragement for the team Kalahi Media. I am sure we will receive more love from people when we come with good content further in the coming days.

Music director Krishna Saurabh: I thank the media and audiences for their amazing support and love. This is like a great moment for us all. Thanks to the director and producer from Kalahi Media for the opportunity they have given me. I am happy to know the response from audiences in the theatres for Pindam.

Costume designer Padma Priya: Reviews have been amazing for Pindam. Thanks for the support. And those who haven't watched Pindam yet, please book your ticket and visit your nearest theatres along with your family members. I thank the entire cast and crew for their dedication to their craft.

Distributor Shankar: I thank Producer Yeshwanth garu for offering me the film Pindam. After Pindam got released in theatres, exhibitors and distributors in Telugu States called me up and requested for more screens. Subsequently, keeping the demand in view we have increased some 150 theatres to the already existing ones. Now Pindam is getting screened in 400 theatres. Irrespective of the scale of the movie, Pindam proved that audiences would receive a film well when there is enough content to entertain. Actor Sriram garu has performed so naturally. Director Saikiran garu helmed the project as if he is an experienced person. I thank the entire Kalahi Media on this occasion.

Kalahi Media to rollout a political drama soon

Bolstered by the success of 'Pindam', producer Yeshwanth Daggumati has announced another upcoming project which will be produced under the banner Kalahi Media. "I would like to announce our next project on this stage. It is a political drama, a proper commercial potboiler with an ensemble cast. The film will be helmed by director Saikiran Daida who has received the success of his debut film 'Pindam'. I am happy to announce it before the audiences here. The scale of the budget will be more for the political drama. Very soon I will come before you with more details about the film," said the producer.

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