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Heroine Avika Gor About Vadhuvu

 "Vadhuvu" Web Series will impress audience with Suspense and thrilling elements - Heroine Avika Gor

Leading OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar, which came up with Jhansi Season 2, Dead Pixels, Save The Tigers, Shaitan, Dayaa, Athidhi this year, is back with another intriguing series titled Vadhuvu. The streaming platform is impressing the patrons with new content.

The upcoming web series Vadhuvu stars Avika Gor, Nandu and Ali Reza in key roles in this web series. This web series is produced by Srikanth Mohta and Mahendra Soni under SVF banner. This intriguing series is directed by Poluru Krishna. "Vadhuvu" web series will be available for streaming from December 8. Today heroine Avika Gor interacted with media about the film.

- Recently I acted in a web series Mansion 24 and at the same time I got the offer to be part of Vadhuvu project. The successful Bengali web series Indu is being brought into Telugu as "Vadhuvu". I was excited when this project came to me. Because I have not acted in such a intriguing script till now. This character doesn't have the bubblyness that I did in the past. This is unique character and I found it interesting.

- Everyone is asking if there will be horror elements in the "Vadhuvu" web series. It does not contain anx horror elements. It will be interesting thriller genre. As you have seen in the trailer, there will be mystery scenes. I have experience of doing serials on TV. Whatever kind of content the TV audience will like, all that will be found in "Vadhuvu". It is believed that TV content lovers who have not watched OTT till now will come to OTT for "Vadhuvu". We are going to attract that section audience well with "Vadhuvu".

- When the director narrated me the script of "Vadhuvu", I found few important questions it raises. There are many questions in the script as to why this happened. All of them will be very interesting to the audience. I've watched only few episodes of Bengali original web series. Overall, I felt that I could not act naturally. The suspense in the script of "Vadhuvu" is impressive.

- I was ten years old when I did the serial Chinnari Pellikuthuru. At that time, there was no understanding of what marriage meant, how a bride should be, and how to behave at home. If there are any doubts, I would ask the director. Now there is no such difficulty while doing a "Vadhuvu" web series. Now I know what marriage means. Becoming an actress at a young age helped me learn everything quickly. But even if I lose time for my personal life due to becoming an actress, with a new role I'm portraying, I see a new life every day.

- So far I have married at least twenty times on screen. But it is not boring. I like to wear a saree, hair style and make up like a bride. From a chinnari Pellikuthuru to a "Vadhuvu", my on-screen marriages have been many. While doing the wedding scene in the first episode of Vadhuvu, I felt like I was a bride again for the web series. My knowledge and experience as an actress has changed a lot since I became a bride for the child bride time.

- Director Poluru Krishna is an experienced director. He designed the web series "Vadhuvu" to reach the TV audience while maintaining the quality of a hotstar. He made sure that there were suspense and thrilling elements in every scene. "Vadhuvu" credit goes to our director. In our house they felt very happy when they saw the trailer of the Vadhuvu.

- Indu's character is very mature in "Vadhuvu" web series. She has a story of her own. The events that happened in her life are still in mind. She will not be an ordinary Vadhuvu.

- The wedding sequence in this web series is interesting. At the time of the wedding, a woman who knows this comes there. Indu gets shocked as to why no one invited her to the wedding. A good drama is developed in this wedding sequence with her character entry. I got the oppurtunity to work with Nandu once again after Mansion 24. He is a good co-star. His performance in Vadhuvu is very good.

- I got good recognition among the Telugu audience with the movie Uyyala Jampala. That film still has an impact on my career. After that the industry gave me a chance to do some good projects. Recently I became a producer with the film Pop Corn. That movie is very special in my career. I mostly get suspense and thriller subjects. I will do some good love stories. As an actress, I don't want to continue in the same genre. Currently, I'm doing a film with Adi Saikumar in Telugu and also acting in some projects in Hindi.

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