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Hero Viraj Ashwin Interview About Jorugaa Husharugaa

 'Jorugaa Husharugaa' has love, emotions, entertainment: Viraj Ashwin

'Jorugaa Husharugaa', starring Viraj Ashwin of 'Baby' fame in the lead, is about love, family and career. Starring Pujita Ponnada as the heroine, the youthful family entertainer is directed by Anu Prasad. Producer Nireesh Thiruveedula of Shikhara & Akshara Arts LLP is positive about the result of the movie, which is going to grace the theatres worldwide on December 15.

In this interview, Viraj Ashwin talks about the film and its merits:

Q. Are you under any pressure because this is your immediate theatrical release after 'Baby'?

A. We thought 'Baby' would be a hit. But the audience made it a big blockbuster. A lot of offers have been coming my way after 'Baby'. But I have been very selective. A good example of how a hit movie can be a huge boost is when your next movie is up for release. Everyone has good positive vibes about 'Jorugaa Husharugaa' coming after 'Baby'. I firmly believe that the film will be a success.

Q. What is the difference between your characters in 'Baby' and this film?

A. I appeared as a rich young man in 'Baby'. I will be seen as a middle-class boy in 'Jorugaa Husharugaa'. As a youngster from a handloom weaver's family, my character is anchored in certain sensibilities and emotions. My role as a young man who hides his struggles while looking happy on the outside is going to entertain everyone. I feel very connected to my role.

Q. How has your career been after the release of 'Baby'?

A. I have been getting lead roles after 'Baby'. And they belong to all sorts of genres and stories. Since the memory and influence of 'Baby' is still strong, mostly lover-boy roles are coming my way. I have decided to accept the film only if I like the story and my role.

Q. What is 'Jorugaa Husharugaa' going to be like?

A. The emotions involving a father and son will strike a chord with everyone. What sacrifices does a middle-class father make to make his son successful? What did the son do in return for the family? These elements have been handled with a rich tapestry of emotions.

Q. In recent times, 'Hi Nanna', 'Animal', your movie, and the upcoming 'Saindhav' have tapped into emotions involving a father and son/daughter. How do you see this?

A. It is very unexpected and surprising. It is all a coincidence. The father's emotion is the biggest emotion in our life. I am quite happy to have done a film dealing with it. Besides being emotional, our film is also entertaining.

Q. 'Hi Nanna' had you in a small role. Tell us about your experience of working with Nani.

A. The directorial team of that film are known to me as friends. That's why I did 'Hi Nanna'. Nani's appearance as Viraj in that film was really a coincidence. On set, when the director asked for Viraj, I would respond. It was a fun experience.

Q. Are you going to do only lead roles in the future?

A. As of now, I want to do only hero roles. If I like something, if there is something effective and powerful, I am willing to do other heroes' movies as well.

Q. Finally, what kind of a film is 'Jorugaa Husharugaa'?

A. Entertainment, love, sentiment and emotions. You can expect a wide spectrum of elements. This is a light-hearted film that everyone will find enjoyable.

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