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"Dhira Dhirana" from "Raju Gari Ammayi, Naidu Gari Abbayi", out now!

 "Dhira Dhirana" from "Raju Gari Ammayi, Naidu Gari Abbayi", out now!

'Raju Gari Ammayi-Naidu Gari Abbayi', starring debutants Ravi Teja and Neha Jurel, is directed by Satya Raj and is produced by Ramisetty Subbarao and Mutyala Ramadasu under the banner Tanvika and Mokshika Creations.

The already-released song "I Love You" from the young talent's film has hooked the audience. Now, the lyrical video of the romantic song "Dhira Dhirana" from this film has been released.

Roshan Saluri, the son of popular music director Koti, has composed the music for this film. The song "Dhira Dhirana," composed by him, is impressive. Sung by Sahithi Chaganti, this song is penned by Rahman. Roshan Saluri's melodious music, accompanied by Sahithi Chaganti's voice and Rahman's lyrics, makes the song even more beautiful. In the lyrical video, the chemistry between the lead pair is well-established. It seems that this song is sure to steal the hearts of the youth in theaters.

According to the movie’s team, the plot of "Raju Gari Ammayi, Naidu Gari Abbayi" will bring a new experience to this generation of moviegoers. The teaser of the movie released sometime back was impressive. The trailer for the movie is going to be released soon to double the interest in the movie among the audience. The film is all set to hit theaters in a few days to entertain the family audience.

Cast: Raviteja Nunna, Neha Jurel, Nagineedu, Pramodini, Jabardast Bobby, Jabarsat Ashok, Pushp Durgaji Yogi Khatri, Ajiz Bhai, Veerendra, Gidha Mohan, Appi Reddy, Kanchipalliu Abbulu, Sravani

Music: Roshan Saluri

Cinematography: Murali Krishna Varma

Editor: Kishore T.

Direction: Satya Raj

Producers: Ramisetty Subbarao, Mutyala Ramadas

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