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'Badmash Gallaki Bumper Offer' will take me to the next level as a hero: Indrasena

'Badmash Gallaki Bumper Offer' will take me to the next level as a hero: Indrasena

Indrasena earned recognition as a hero with the film 'Sasanasabha' (2022), which was a pan-Indian theatrical release. After that movie, a good deal of offers came Indrasena's way. 'Badmash Gallaki Bumper Offer' is his upcoming theatrical release directed by the talented Ravi Chavali. N Ramesh Kumar has produced it. To be released in theatres on December 29, the film is an entertainer. Indrasena has interacted with the media about the movie.

Q. Why has there been such a gap after 'Sasanasabha'?

A. That film helped me earn recognition as a good actor. A lot of offers came my way after its release. I have always wanted to be a responsible actor and make responsible choices. 'Badmash Gallaki Bumper Offer' was okayed by me before 'Sasanasabha' happened. I am confident that this film will escalate my career to the next level.

Q. What kind of a story can we expect from 'Badmash Gallaki Bumper Offer'?

A. The story has been woven around offences like cheating incidents and blackmail tactics. While the subject is serious, the treatment is a mix of entertainment and action. The screenplay is engaging constantly. The characters are naturalistic. The climax will be high on social message.

Q. What is your character like in the movie?

A. In 'Sasanasabha', my character was intense and serious. In 'Badmash Gallaki Bumper Offer', my character is entertaining. In that sense, it suits my body language better besides letting me display my acting chops. It was a challenging part to play. A character with negative shades, it comes of age and has a redemption arc. The audience are surely going to love it.

Q. How was it working with a senior filmmaker like Ravi Chavali?

A. I have previously worked with him on an investigative thriller titled 'Super Sketch'. I was roped in for 'Badmash Gallaki Bumper Offer' because the character is apt for me. Not everyone gets the opportunity to act under a talent like him.

Q. What is new about 'Badmash Gallaki Bumper Offer'?

A. The subject and the story spun around it are novel. The film will surely connect with the youth. Bhole Shavali's music, Vijay C Kumar's cinematography, and Marthand K Venkatesh's editing have added value to the film.

Q. Are you open to playing out-and-out villainous roles now that you have played a lead man with negative shades?

A. If the character is well-written and the story is meaty, I am up for it.

Q. What is your upcoming movie?

A. I will be playing a negative role in a film directed by Surender Reddy. Besides, I am doing two movies as a hero. 

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