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Aditya Om Bandi Trailer Unveiled

 Aditya Om’s Experimental Single Character Environmental Thriller Bandi Trailer Unveiled

Bandi is a ‘single actor’ thriller bilingual (Telugu and Hindi) film with the central theme of protecting the environment. The very talented Aditya Om played the only character in this experimental movie produced by Venkateswara Rao  Daggu and Raghu Tirumala. The movie is directed by Raghu Tirumala under the banner of Gully Cinema. Bandi was shot in multiple forest locations in the country and abroad covering all four major seasons over a period of 3 years.

Today, the makers of the movie unveiled its trailer. The video that gives us a glimpse into the thrilling world of Bandi shows the fight of the protagonist for survival. It shows different aspects of the movie and the final twist blows our mind.

The movie will see Aditya  Om as a brilliant lawyer arguing for the corporate acquisition of a green and diverse forest belt. He gets kidnapped by a group of nature activists who make him go through hell to teach him the value of conservation, preservation, and the reality of climate change.

Aditya Om performed all his stunts without a body double. Director-producer Tirumala Raghu says he wants to make films on relevant issues that make people aware and conscious.

Director - Raghu Tirumala 

Producer- Venkateshwara Rao Daggu and Raghu Tirumala

DOP- Madhusudan Kota 

Editor and post-production- Prakash Jha 

Music - Veeral, Lavan and Sudesh Sawant 

Co-director- Alok Jain 

Story, screenplay- Aditya Om

Creative head - T.Raghav 

Sound designer - Kailash 

Production Manager - Mohammed Shaikh

PRO- Sai Satish, Rambabu

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