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Aalambana Releasing on December 15th

 Everybody will enjoy our comedy with Genie in theatres – Hero Vaibhav at 'Aalambana' press meet

Senior director Kodanda Ramireddy's son Vaibhav is coming to us with his latest movie 'Aalambana'. Parvathy Nair is the female lead, Murali Sharma played an important role. This film is directed by Pari K Vijay, Presented by Kotapadi J. Rajesh and produced by KJR Studios and Kaustubh Entertainment together. Ganga Entertainments is bringing this movie to the Telugu audience. The movie will be released on December 15th in Telugu and Tamil languages. On this occasion, the Telugu trailer is released in a program organized at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad on Monday.

On this context, Hero Vaibhav said... "This is a very big film for me. Full family entertainer. Maheshwar Reddy is releasing it in Telugu. Now everyone is asking me if it is an OTT movie or a theatre movie. No doubt its absolutely a theatre movie. That visual beauty & grandeur can only be seen in theatre. The comedy will be well enjoyed at theatres. I Saw the dubbed version. It came up very well. 

I did not take a Gap in Telugu Industry. Every now and then good characters came from Telugu. But, missed. Coming to this movie...this is a entertaining film. Peter Master had composed two great fights. Hip hop tamil music is good with good songs. Genie character enters after 15 minutes of the movie and from then until the end. I enjoyed working with Munish Kant, who played Genie, and heroine Parvathy and everyone,'' he said.

Director Pari K Vijay said... "This is my first film. I am happy that it is releasing in Tamil as well as Telugu. It is not known how many directors will get this opportunity. Tell the story to our producer Rajesh. He said that this movie will be a big success and he should not compromise on anything. Peter Haines did a good job. This movie has different action than fights. He did well. We approached him with this story at a time when Hip Hop Adi was concentrating more on acting. We followed him for a few months and then said ok liking the story. We wondered if Murali Sharma would also do it in Tamil. But he also liked the story. Don't assume that this is a kid's movie with a genie even adults can enjoy this as it is of a universal concept. There are more theaters in Twin Telugu states, and we can understand how much love Telugu audience have towards movies. I hope everyone will support this movie which is coming out during the Christmas holidays'', 

Parvathy Nair said... "There have been some opportunities from Telugu earlier. But, unfortunately I could not do them, That's my bad luck. But, I am happy that my film is releasing in Telugu. This is a good entertainment movie. I love fantasy movies and I liked the character very much in this movie. All the audience will like the movie too,'' he said.

Maheshwar Reddy, Producer of Ganga Entertainments said,"This is the film we are releasing in Telugu after Shiva Karthikeyan's 'Varun Doctor'. 'Aalambana' is an out and out comedy entertainer. Makes the audience laugh. Hero Vaibhav has acted very well. Apart from comedy, he has also done fights very well," he said.

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