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Producer Gowr Kriesna on Ma Oori Polimera 2 Success

 Collections of 'Ma Oori Polimera 2' have been going up day after day: Producer Gowr Kriesna

'Ma Oori Polimera 2' is a sequel to 'Ma Oori Polimera', directed by Dr. Anil Vishwanath. Satyam Rajesh and Kamakshi Bhaskarla's thriller hit the screens this Friday. Produced by Gowr Kriesna, the film was released worldwide by renowned distributor Vamsi Nandipati. Right from day one, the movie has maintained its blockbuster success at the box office.

Producer Gowr Kriesna today interacted with the media.


Q: How are you enjoying the success of your latest movie?

A: This is my first theatrical success. And it feels totally new. This is a success I did not expect. I did not expect such a great response from the audience. At first, everyone saw the first part as a short film. The success of the second part is huge. The collections have been going up day by day. We have added new theatres as well.

Q: To what extent did the success of the first part contribute to the success of the second part?

A: It helped a great deal. Everyone who saw the part liked it. The first part started trending on OTT when the trailer of 'Ma Oori Polimera 2' was released recently. 'Polimera 2' was not made because the first part was a hit. We had already planned a sequel to that web film right from the beginning. We had faith in the subject.

Q: 'Ma Oori Polimera 2' was released in theatres. Was this theatrical release pre-planned?

A: We had thought of it beforehand. We definitely wanted to release it only in theatres. As per our plans, we made efforts in that direction.

Q: How was the audience's response?

A: We are touring the theaters with the whole team. The audience are enjoying every scene a lot. They are mighty thrilled with every twist. Seeing their screams and cries in the theater, we forgot our hardships.

Q: What made you choose black magic as the background?

A: The director wrote this story with the inspiration of some real incidents happening in today's society. I chose this background as the concept is also new.

Q: What kind of experience did this film give you as a producer?

A: The first success gave us a lot of kick. The success of this film boosted my confidence a great deal. I definitely want to do better films in the future. My aim as a producer is to entertain the audience with good stories.

Q: How did the release by Vamsi Nandipati contribute to your success?

A: The backing by Geetha Arts was a great plus for the film. A strong buzz was generated thanks to the theatres that we found and the promotions.

Q: How about your next film?

A: Story discussions are on. We will make the project official soon.

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