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Hi Nanna: Nani & Mrunal Lit Up The Vizag Skies

 Hi Nanna: Nani & Mrunal Lit Up The Vizag Skies

Vizag witnessed the grand pre-release celebration of Nani, the Natural Star, and his upcoming film 'Hi Nanna.' The event attracted a massive crowd, with fans pouring in to be part of the excitement. Nani and Mrunal Thakur took center stage, with Nani hosting the event and Mrunal joining him in a lively dance to the popular Odiyamma song.

Expressing his deep connection with Vizag, Nani shared, "I have a strong bond with Vizag, and the audience here has always loved me to the core. Regardless of the genre of films I choose, whether it's love or action, it resonates well at the Vizag box office, maybe because I've married a girl from this city." He raised the euphoria to the skies and declared, "December is the new January, a new Sankranthi, and a movie festival month. From now on, we will celebrate December and January too."

Nani excitedly listed the upcoming releases, including 'Animal' on the 1st, 'Extra Ordinary' on the 8th, 'Salaar' on the 22nd, 'Dunki' by Raju Hirani on the same date, and 'Bubblegum,' Suma's son's film, on the 29th. Overflowing with gratitude, Nani extended warm wishes to the movie's cast and crew, specifically mentioning director Shouryuv, enchanting actress Mrunal Thakur, and the adorable baby Kiara. He urged fans not to miss the movie's release on December 7th, creating anticipation for the cinematic spectacle.

On the other hand, the enchanting heroine, Mrunal Thakur, delivered a heartfelt speech during the pre-release event. She expressed her gratitude for the incredible love from the Vizag audience, stating, "Last time for Sitaramam and today for Hi Nanna, the love Vizag audience are giving to me is incredible." Forever grateful for being accepted as a Telugu girl, Mrunal shared her happiness about working directly with Nani garu and bringing the character of Yashna to life. She added praise for Abdul Hesham Wahab, expressing her love for the 'Darshana' song and her happiness in receiving the 'Samayama' song from him.

Mrunal concluded with a heartfelt plea for everyone to catch the movie in theaters on December 7th, emphasizing its appeal not just for movie enthusiasts but also as a special dedication to fathers, predicting a lasting impact on the audience.

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