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Drohi Release On November 3rd


The film "Drohi" is set to be released on November 3rd and is directed by Vijay Pendurthi, starring Sandeep Kumar and Deepti Varma. The film is a crime thriller with various elements. Heroine Debbie said, "This film offers a dream opportunity. I urge the audience who contributed to this film not to miss it."

Director Vijay Pendurthi mentioned that this journey started a year ago, and making a film involves challenges. Despite the budget constraints, they managed to create an extraordinary drama. He believes in letting the audience decide the movie's fate and didn't want to set high expectations.

Cast: Sandeep Kumar, Deepti Varma, Chandu Charms, Mahesh Vitta, Majili Shiva, Neeraj and others. 


Cinematographer: Ashok 

Music: Ananth Narayana

Editing: Jani Basa

PRO: Madhu VR

Producers: Vijay Pendurthi and Srikanth Reddy D

Director: Vijay Pendurthi.

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