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Director Ram Ganni About The Trial

"The Trial" will impress audience as an interrogative thriller with a crisp screenplay - Director Ram Ganni

The upcoming film "The Trial" starring Spandana Palli, Yug Ram and Vamsi Kotu in lead roles is jointly produced by SS Films and Common Man Productions. Produced by Smriti Sagi and Srinivasa Naidu Killada and co produced by Sudarshan Reddy. The film "The Trial" was helmed by director Ram Ganni as Tollywood's first interrogative film. This movie is going to have a grand release in theaters on 24th of this month. On this occasion, director Ram Ganni interacted with media about the film "The Trial".

- My full name is Ramanaidu Ganni and my hometown is Vizag. I was interested in movies since I was studying in college. I wrote the SI exam and got selected as a deputy jailer in the prisons department and I did that job for ten years from 2012 to 22. I resigned from that job with a passion on movies and came to the industry. Usually no one is ready to give up thier job and come into films. But I did and my family members supported me after seeing my passion. I came here and worked in the direction department of Sehari movie. That's when I started writing the story of "The Trial".

- In my ten-year career as a Deputy Jailer, I have heard many crime incidents and the stories of those who committed those crimes and were prisoners. I got the inspiration from them for the story of "The Trial", but not the whole of one's life story. This is a fictional story of how some incidents happened in foreign countries can be applied to us.

- Why do we call the movie "The Trial" as Tollywood's first interrogative film? So far our movies have had interrogation scenes but the entire movie has not been made on interrogation. In the movie "The Trial" the story starts in the interrogation room and ends in the same room.

- A couple celebrates their first wedding anniversary as you see in the trailer of the movie "The Trial". The boy tells to close your eyes as there is a surprise. As the girl opens her eyes, the boy falls from the building and dies. The story goes interestingly with the question that it's murder or suicide?. If the interrogation officer is interrogating a woman SI, one can understand how tough the conversation between them is. We have interesting conversations and interrogative methods.

- First we thought to release the movie "The Trial" on OTT. But they said theater release is compulsory to give to OTT. Our film could have been titled Trial but The Trial seemed apt. Our film will have different locations. In movies like Save the Cat and Akira Kurosawa's Rashoman, if the husband dies while the wife is together, only the wife should be investigated in that case. Because she was the only witness there at that time. In Akira Kurosawa's movie Rashomon, the husband reads the diary while interrogating the wife. Based on the items in that diary, the background scenes change with the answer given when the question is asked. Adivi Sesh' Evaru also has the same structured screenplay. We followed the same in our film. But the presentation of the movie is new and impressive.

- The reason why Spandana Palli was cast for SI Roopa's character was because of her height. You should believe the character and we thought she was apt for this character. I have signed an agreement for a web series with Sehari Movie Production House Vargo Pictures. The film works are currently going on. I started this movie because I was free in the meantime. It has realistic incidents but also fantasy. If fantasy is not added, the movie will not be interesting.

- The music director, editor and other technicians have supported our film well. The duration of the movie is only 1 hour 39 minutes. With that, the screenplay of the film is as crisp as it runs. You will not feel boredom anywhere. We are releasing "The Trial" through PVR. We are confident in the content of our film. There will also be a message. Those who watched the shows for business also liked it very much. They gave good feedback that the movie was good.

- I'm working on Vargo Pictures, G5's project. After that I want to do a film with dark humor and I am also preparing a superhero story.

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