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Blissful Melody Ammaadi From Hi Nanna is out now

 Experience A New Chapter Of Love- Blissful Melody Ammaadi From Natural Star Nani, Mrunal Thakur, Shouryuv, Vyra Entertainments Hi Nanna is out now

Natural Star Nani’s movies will usually have chartbuster albums. Likewise, his upcoming Pan India film Hi Nanna directed by Shouryuv also has an album comprising different genres of songs. Already first two songs of the movie received a thumping response. The third single Ammaadi from the movie is out now.

The song begins with Mrunal Thakur who is about to give her performance revealing it’s their 3rd anniversary. “This song is a special one dedicated to my husband. He’s as usual running late. The song is in my mother tongue Telugu,” says she.

The song then shows Nani and Mrunal’s sweet and adorable love story that calls for a big celebration. From their wedding day to the wonderful days together in their early days of marriage, experience a new chapter of love, in this soulful melody. Nani and Mrunal’s delightful chemistry added a new layer of enchantment.

Hesham Abdul Wahab gave another pleasing number that connects instantly for its soothing composition. Like the first two songs, this one will be another blockbuster song in the album. Krishna Kanth penned lyrics that are catchy and meaningful, whereas the vocals of Kaala Bhairava and Shakthisree Gopalan are expressive. 

The Pan India movie produced on a large scale by Mohan Cherukuri (CVM) and Dr Vijender Reddy Teegala on Vyra Entertainments will see Baby Kiara Khanna playing an important role.

Sanu John Varughese ISC is the cinematographer, while Praveen Anthony is the editor and Avinash Kolla is the production designer. Satish EVV is the executive producer.

Hi Nanna is slated for release in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi languages on December 7th.

Cast: Nani, Mrunal Thakur, Baby Kiara Khanna

Technical Crew:

Director: Shouryuv

Producers: Mohan Cherukuri (CVM) and Dr Vijender Reddy Teegala

Banner: Vyra Entertainments

DOP: Sanu John Varughese ISC

Music Director: Hesham Abdul Wahab

Production Designer: Avinash Kolla

Editor: Praveen Anthony

Executive Producer - Satish EVV

Costume Designer: Sheetal Sharma

PRO: Vamsi-Shekar

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