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Atharva Trailer Launched

 Atharva' Coming on December 1 Should Become a big hit at the box office: Director Sashi Kiran Tikka at the trailer launch event 

The film 'Atharva' is a suspense and crime thriller made with all kinds of emotions incorporated in it. Produced by Subhash Nuthalapati under the banner of Peggo Entertainments with Nuthalapati Narasimham and Anasuyamma presenting it. Vijaya and Jhansi are the executive producers of this film. Karthik Raju, Simran Choudhary and Ayraa are the lead cast of the movie directed by Mahesh Reddy. The trailer of this movie, which is scheduled to arrive in cinemas on December 1st, was released on Wednesday. Director Sashi Kiran Tikka and hero Chaitanya Rao were the chief guests for this event.

 *Sashi Kiran Tikka said* , “I always listen to Javed Ali's song in Atharva. I don't know anything about the movie, other than that song. I just saw the trailer. Everything is shown in great detail. The investigation process of the Clues team is shown brilliantly. After watching the trailer, the interest in the film is increased. All the best to director Mahesh, producer Subhash, and everyone who worked on the film. This movie is going to release on December 1st. I want the film to become a big hit at the box office.”

 *Director Mahesh Reddy said,* “We are going to show the work style of Clues department in brief. We are coming in a big way with Suresh Productions. There is more in the movie than what it is shown in the trailer. Everyone gave their best to make this film. Sricharan Pakala has created a new sound for the movie. I have known cameraman Charan for a long time. Karthik Raju is a cool guy, but he looks intense on screen. Simran's role has good importance. Ayraa acted brilliantly. Subhash and Srinivas believed in the story and produced it on such a huge scale. Thanks to Sashi Kiran for releasing the trailer of our movie. Chaitanya Rao is a good friend of mine. I always have his support. I want media and audience to support us.”

 *Producer Subhash said,* “The entire team worked hard to make the film. I want the movie to reach people with the support of the media.”

 Chaitanya Rao said, “Atharva is coming to the theatres on December 1st. I have already seen this movie. It is a purely commercial film. The sound in this movie is amazing. Sricharan Pakala has shown his mark. RR is important for an investigative thriller. Sricharan took the movie to another level with his music. So far, no film has come out with a concept on the Clues team. Mahesh Reddy is going to show a new world. I want Karthik to become a good mass hero with this movie. Simran and Ayraa acted brilliantly. Hats off to Subhash for making such a film.”

 Karthik Raju said, “Full credit for this movie goes to director Mahesh Reddy. We are coming up with a new concept. This, in my opinion, is the first film in the backdrop of the Clues team. This is the second time; I’ve worked with Sricharan Pakala. Cameraman Charan showed us good on screen. Thanks to producer Subhash for making such a good movie. Everyone should watch our movie in the theatres on December 1st.”

 Simran Choudhary said, “I have seen the teaser and trailer. I am looking forward to watching the movie. This is the first time I am doing a film in this genre. Our director did a lot of research for this film. It was a pleasure working with Karthik Raju. He has a childish mentality. Our producer Subhash doesn't talk much. But the movie was made brilliantly. Everyone should watch our film releasing on December 1.”

 Actress Ayraa said, “I am happy to be a part of the film Atharva. There are all kinds of emotions in it. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me such a good role. It was a pleasure working with Karthik and Simran. Watch our movie in the theatres and support it.”

 Music director Shricharan Pakala said, “I have done many thriller movies. An investigation involves many departments. Most people don't know about the Clues Department. Mahesh Reddy made this movie after doing a lot of research. I got the scope to give it a new sound. Everyone did a great job. Everyone should watch the movie in the theatre on December 1.”

 Cameraman Charan said,“Thanks to Sashi Kiran and hero Chaitanya Rao for releasing the trailer of our movie. The film made with the backdrop of the Clues department will be brilliant. I request everyone to watch the movie.”


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