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Yuva Samrat Naga Chaitanya Claps for Sai Rajesh’s Amrutha Productions, SKN's Mass Movie Makers Production No.4

 Yuva Samrat Naga Chaitanya Claps for Sai Rajesh’s Amrutha Productions, SKN's Mass Movie Makers Production No.4 starring Santosh Sobhan, Alekhya Harika launch

Producer SKN and director Sai Rajesh became famous as a cult blockbuster combo with the massive success of Baby. The both producers are now collaborating for multiple projects. Recently the makers launched an exciting project. The 100 crore grossing production house Mass Movie Makers, and the National Award winning banner Amrutha Productions jointly producing a special project.

Young hero Santhosh Sobhan and social media influencer Alekhya Harika are playing the lead roles in this film. Story and screenplay is written by Sai Rajesh. This movie is directed by Suman Pathuri. The film launched on Monday in Hyderabad with the clap of Yuvasamrat Naga Chaitanya. The actor also unveiled the film's intriguing pre look, where the leads seen kissing intensely and it raises intrigue on the film.

Director Harish Shankar, producer Ravi Shankar of Mythri Movie Makers handed over the script. Yuva Samrat Naga Chaitanya and many star directors attended the launch. Director Chandoo Mondeti switched on the camera. Vashishta Mallidi directed the first shot. Hero Sushanth, directors Hanu Raghavapudi and Rahul Sankrityan conveyed their best wishes to the team.

Hero Santosh Shobhan said - I am very happy to do a film with SKN garu and Sai Rajesh garu. We have already done a film together. Sai Rajesh is a fantastic writer and director. Baby is a wonderful love story. I would like to say thanks to SKN who has a lot of faith in me as a hero. Congratulations to Director Suman. Looking forward to acting with Alekhya. We have got a good team for our film.

Director Sai Rajesh said - I produced a movie called Color Photo in our Amrutha Productions. It won a National Award. But we didn't made another film immediately in that success craze. Because I want to make a movie only when I have a good story. Such a story is set for this movie. Me and SKN wanted to do six love stories together. Color photo, Baby arrived. Now we are doing a film with Anand Deverakonda. With this movie, it has become four. We will do two more love stories. Whether all these are linked together, the sequels, I can't say yet. This is a story that's close to my heart. Me, SKN, Sandeep Raj, Alekhya we are all friends. I feel more responsible because I am doing this film with my friends. We will take this movie as the best in all crafts. I remembered Santosh Sobhan when I wanted a hero who would give life to the acting.

Director Suman Pathuri said - Thanks to my friend Sai Rajesh for giving me the opportunity to direct this film. Thanks to Santosh Sobhan, Alekhya and all my team. I promise to make a good movie with this opportunity given to me.

Heroine Alekhya Harika said - My dream is to do a film as a heroine. I took a step towards that dream today. Many people in this team are my good friends. We are like a family. I am happy to be doing a movie with Santhosh as a pair.

Music Director Vijay Bulganin said - I am happy to work with Sai Rajesh and SKN after Baby.

Producer SKN said - We used to think about what kind of movie to make after a blockbuster movie like Baby. We thought of some stories during the baby making time itself. We are happy that our company Mass Movie Makers, who grossed 100 crores with Baby, and Amrutha Productions, who won the National Award for Color Photo, are making this film. My friend Sai Rajesh is an excellent writer. When we heard this story, all the core team felt equally happy and excited. My friend Santosh Sobhan is a good actor. He makes a movie with heart and soul. A hero with dedication, hard work and commitment. After hearing this story, Anna suggested that we do this film. This is everyone's favorite subject. After the movie Baby, the responsibility increased on me and Sai Rajesh. We are making movies with rich content while maintaining that name. Not only Anand, Vaishnavi's film also has a strong story. These are the subjects that touched our hearts. We are happy that our old friend Suman Pathuri is directing this film. Telugu girls should be supported. So in the movies produced by me, Reshma, Manasa, Priyanka, Vaishnavi, Kavya, Chandini Chaudhary, Harika like this we are taking Telugu girls as heroines. I would like to say thanks to hero Naga Chaitanya who came as a guest at the opening ceremony of our movie, directors Harish Shankar, Hanu Raghavapudi, Vasishta Mallidi, Rahul Sankrityan, Chandoo Mondeti, hero Sushanth and producer Ravi Shankar who attended the event.

Actors - Santosh Sobhan, Alekhya Harika

Technical team

Cinematography - Askar

Music - Vijay Bulganin

Editing - Viplav

Story - Sai Rajesh

Co-Producers - Dheeraj Mogilineni, Ramesh Peddinti

PRO - GSK Media, Vamsi Kaka

Banners - Amrutha Productions, Mass Movie Makers

Producers - SKN, Sai Rajesh

Directed by Suman Pathuri

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