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Rakshasa Kavyam Success Meet

 Rakshasa Kavyam" Theaters and Collections Increasing With Positive Word of Mouth - Team at Success Meet

The film "Rakshasa Kavyam" which came before the audience has proved that movies with good content will definitely be successful. Starring Abhai Naveen, Anvesh Michael, Pawon Ramesh, Dayanand Reddy, Kushalini and Rohini in lead roles, this movie is produced by Damu Reddy and Singanamala Kalyan under Garuda Productions, Pingo Pictures and Cine Valley Movies banners. Naveen Reddy and Vasundara Devi acted as co-producers. Umesh Nigg is the executive producer. The film is directed by Sriman Keerthi. "Rakshasa Kavyam" is getting a good response from the audience in theaters and collections are increasing day by day. In this background, the movie team organized a success meet in Hyderabad. On this occasion

Producer Damureddy said - The response from the audience to our movie "Rakshasa Kavyam" is good. Collections are increasing day by day. Seeing this response, the distributors also increased another 30 theaters. Our movie which was released in 100 theaters will be available in 130 theaters. The audience has once again proved that they appreciate movies with good content. With the movie "Rakshasa Kavyam" artists as well as technicians are getting a good name. We want our film to be more popular. Said.

Actor Dayanand Reddy said - We went to the theaters and watched the movie "Rakshasa Kavyam" along with the audience. The response coming from them is giving us happiness. From the direction to the performance of the artists, the audience are enjoying. I have done a character named Bhikshapati in this film. My character is also entertaining the audience. We are requesting to make our movie a bigger success.

Actor Pawon Ramesh said - Audience response to the movie "Rakshasa Kavyam" is good and theaters are increasing. Audience shows interest for selfies when we visit theatres. I played the role of Chaitanya, a student. I am happy to say that my character getting good reception.


Actress Rohini said - I'm happy to be part of a good movie like “Rakshasa Kavyam”. This is not a small movie but a different movie. The story and screenplay are all new. Once you come to the theater and watch it, you will know how fresh the content of our movie is. Thanks to the director and producer who gave me a good character in this.

Hero Anvesh Michael said - You know how difficult it is to get small films to theatres. If the content is good then surely you all will support. So the audience and the media supported our movie "Rakshasa Kavyam" very much. Audience response to our film is good. In Telangana, Karimnagar, Warangal, Hyderabad as well as theaters from the main centers in AP have received good feedback. Theater numbers are increasing. Audience started coming to our movie. If you watch such movies in the theater, the experience will be different.

Director Shriman Keerthi said - Thank you all for the support of our movie from the time of the teaser to release till now. Our movie was released on 13th of this month. Since then the collections are increasing day by day. Even if there are no stars in our movie, the audience is coming to the theatres. Taking selfies with our artists during theater visits. We can understand how much they are all connected to our film. The reviews from the media are good. Also, the audience is sharing what they like about the movie through social media. The movie gave us all a next level experience. Everyone believed in the project and worked. No one doubted what the outcome of the film would be. Thanks to the audience, distributors and our team for giving such a great success to "Rakshasa Kavyam".

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