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'Plot' Is A Unique Experimental Film: Director Venu Udugula At the Trailer Launch Event

 'Plot' Is A Unique Experimental Film: Director Venu Udugula At the Trailer Launch Event

'Plot' headlined by Vikas Muppala, Gayathri Gupta, Sajiv Pasala, Santhosh Nandivada, and Kishore, is Produced on BBT Films banner in Bhanu Bhava Tharaka's direction and bankrolled by Karthik Sepuru, Bhanu Bhava Tharaka, Tharun Vighneswar Sepuru. The film's trailer was launched at an event in Hyderabad. Director Venu Udugula graced the event as a special guest and released the trailer. On this occasion...

Director Venu Udugula says, "The 'Plot' team met me a year ago. I released a poster of the film back then. I liked that poster a lot. They designed it innovatively in a unique manner. This is an experimental film. Characters, costumes, dialogues, and sound, felt very natural. The trailer transports us into a new world. Everyone will talk about Director Bhanu in the coming days. Filmmaking has been evolving constantly. This film will be more in an advanced manner. If films like these become a success in theatres, more and more new stories will emerge. Directors and producers come up with new kinds of experiments. The media and audience should support this kind of film."

Director Harsha says, "The trailer is very good. They made a very interesting trailer cut. Just like the trailer, the film will be very interesting too. I have already seen the film. It will give a different kind of experience. Bhanu takes this film to a whole new level."

Director Uday says, " 'Plot' movie's teaser and trailer look very interesting. They have made this independent film passionately in an uncompromised manner. This kind of film should work commercially too. Then only we can get more of such kind of unique films. All the best to the team."

Director and producer Bhanu Bhava Tharaka says, " Venu Gari's directorial 'Needi Naadi Oke Kadha' gave me confidence. I wrote a story during the Corona times. This film was made as my friends believed me. I produced this film along with my friends. We thought Vikas Anna would suit best for this story. We started building brick by brick by adding every team member who was apt for this story. We made this film using all the resources we had. After watching the teaser and trailer, the audience understood that this is a different kind of film. As we were not that popular, this movie didn't make it to many people's lists. But, once the audience watches it, they will surely love it. We tried every craft in a new kind of way. Everyone watches this film in theatres. I am sure you all will have a new kind of experience."

Producer Tharun Vighneswar says, " Our 'Plot' film will be released on November 3rd. Watch it in theatres and have a different experience."

Music Director Karthik says, " This is the first time in Telugu, a film has been made in this kind of genre. Background Score is very important for this film. I believe this film will become a big hit. Everyone worked very well."

Vikas Muppala says, " This film is very special for me. I started my acting career in 2012. I acted in Shankar's Snehithudu movie. This film will be turning point in my career. Everyone will undergo a different experience while watching this film. I am confident that audience will love our honest attempt."

Gayathri Gupta says, " 'Plot' movie came out because of Bhanu, Tharun, and Karthik. They share a great bond of friendship. They have made this film very passionately. The film has been detailed meticulously like how someone who came from a film school would made. Vikas is a very good actor. Sajiv did superbly. Sundeep acted very well. We enjoyed every day of the film 's shoot."

Cameraman Raman says, " I have worked with the director from his short film days. He exactly knows what he wants and have clarity about what kind of frame he needs."


Vikas Muppala, Gayathri Gupta, Sajiv Pasala, Santhosh Nandivada, Kishore and Others.


Banner: BBT Films, Producers: Karthik Sepuru, Bhanu Bhava Tharaka, Tharun Vighneswar Sepuru, Written & Directed by: Bhanu Bhava Tharaka, Executive Producers: Sairam, Rajendraprasad, Cinematography: Raman, Music: Karthik Rodriguez, Editor: Vinay, Costumes: Jessie, Lyrics: Bhanu Bhava Tharaka, Art: Shiva Kumar Macha, PRO: Surendra Naidu - Phani (Beyond Media)

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