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'Chicken Song' from 'Sagileti Katha' unveiled under the aegis of hero Navdeep

 'Chicken Song' from 'Sagileti Katha' unveiled under the aegis of hero Navdeep

Successful filmmakers Sai Rajesh, Venkatesh Maha, Sandeep Raj grace the occasion

'Sagileti Katha', produced by Shade Entertainment  and Ashok Arts, is led by the talented Raviteja Mahadasyam and Vishika Laxman. Set in a Rayalaseema village, this content-driven film is written, edited, shot and directed by newcomer Rajasekhar Sudmoon. The comedy-drama is presented by hero Navdeep's C-Space and is jointly produced by Deviprasad Balivada and Ashok Mittapally. The trailer has already been released and is a big hit. Musical promotions have been on ahead of the film's grand theatrical release on October 13.

A unique song titled 'Chicken Song' has been unveiled from the movie. The song launch event took place at the Kodi Kura Chitti Gaare Restaurant in Hyderabad. Happening young directors, Sai Rajesh of 'Baby' fame, Venkatesh Maha of 'Care of Kancharapalem' fame, and Sandeep Raj of 'Color Photo' fame were the chief guests. They released the song under the aegis of hero and presenter Navdeep.

Speaking on the occasion, director Sai Rajesh said, "I am very happy that hero Navdeep is presenting in this film. He always takes the lead in platforming new talents. Recently, producer SKN showed me the trailer of 'Sagileti Katha'. When I watched it, I found it quite convincing and concluded that the film would become a super hit. I feel every single artist has acted very well in the movie. I hope everyone loves it."

Director Venkatesh Maha said, "Navdeep asked me to attend this event. Having watched the trailer and seen the film's posters, I feel 'Sagileti Katha' is a very promising outing. Navdeep told me about the climax, which I found to be amazing. After listening to the climax, it sounded like the audience are in for another blockbuster. Director Rajasekhar has a bright future. All the best to the entire team."

Director Sandeep Raj began his speech by greeting Navdeep all the best. "Even newcomers among the artists have done a wonderful job. The music is quite exciting and on another level altogether. As soon as I watched the 'Chicken Song', the movie seemed like a surefire hit. Music is integral to any good movie. I strongly believe that this one will be a hit of the range of the recent 'Balagam'," he added.

Hero Navdeep said, "Our entire team is very happy that a project with unique content has been brought before the audience through C-Space. Director Rajasekhar is a very talented, natural filmmaker, who has handled all the crafts by himself and has led the team forward. I wish the producers all the best. I like Rosham Raju's character personally. The comedy here is universally likeable. Everyone, including veggies, will want to eat chicken after watching this movie. Our movie will be released in theatres on October 13. I hope people watch our movie in theatres and bless us."

The film recently received a U/A certificate. Plans are afoot to release 'Sagileti Katha' on a grand scale on October 13.


Ravi Mahadasyam, Vishika Laxman, Narasimha Prasad Pantagani. 


Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Rajasekhar Sudmoon; 

Co-Writers: Shashikant Billapati, Mani Prasad Arakula; Producers: Deviprasad Balivada, Ashok Mittapally, In association with C Space; Executive Producer: Naresh Madineni 

Associate Producers: Pushpabhaskar, Sunil Kumar Anandan, Leela Krishna Kondepati; 

Music Director: Jaswanth Pasupuleti; 

Background Music: Sanal Vasudev; 

Lyricists: Varikuppala Yadagiri, Pavan Kundani, Rajsekhar Sudmoon, Shashikanth Billapati, Jaswanth Pasupuleti; PRO: Tirumalasetty Venkatesh; Art Directors: Hemant G, Aishwarya Kulkarni; 

Costume Designer: Harshanjali Senikeshi; 

Sound Designer: Yati Raju; Sound Mixing: Shyamala Sikdar; 

DI: Konduru Deepak Raju; 

Publicity Designer: MKS Manoj.

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