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Calling Sahasra' Has Completed Its Post Production Works Releasing In November

 Small Screen Sensation Sudigali Sudheer's Latest Film, 'Calling Sahasra' Has Completed Its Post Production Works... Releasing In November

Actor Sudigali Sudheer who is quite popular and earning fame among audiences with his performances on the small screen is now impressing on the silver screen as well. After scoring a blockbuster with 'Galodu, his latest film is 'Calling Sahasra'. Arun Vikkirala is directing this film while Vijesh Tayal, Chiranjeevi Pamidi, and Venkateswarlu Katuri produced it under Shadow Media Productions and Radha Arts banners. Dollysha is playing the female lead opposite Sudheer.

Sudheer who has entertained with his TV shows has earned fame as a mass hero with 'Galodu'. Now, he is making another different attempt. 'Calling Sahasra' has wrapped up its post-production works. On this occasion...

Producer Venkateswarlu Katuri says, " 'Calling Sahasra' is our first step as producers. This film is a sweet memory for us. We have completed the film with the support of Director Arun Garu, Hero Sudheer Garu, and Heroine DollySha. The output came out superbly. I can confidently say that the audience is going to witness a brand new Sudheer in the film. The audience will be surprised while watching Sudheer on the big screen. They would wonder Sudheer can do such kind of roles too. His role comprises wild, thrilling, and massy elements. 'Calling Sahasra' will be an edge-of-the-seat thriller with surprising twists and turns. Post-production works are completed. We are planning to release the film in November.


Sudheer Anand Bayana, Dollysha, Sivabalaji Manoharan, Raviteja Nannimala.


Written and Directed by Arun Vikkirala

Producers - Vijesh Taayal, Venkateswarlu Katuri, Chiranjeevi Pamidi

Music -  Mark K Robin

Songs -  Mohith Rahmaniac

DOP - Sunny D

Action - Shivaraj

Editor - Garry Bh

Lyrics - Lakshmi Priyanka

PRO: Naidu Surendra - Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media)

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