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"Artiste" Movie First Glimpse Grand Launch Event

"Artiste" Movie First Glimpse grand launch Event

The upcoming film Artiste stars Santosh Kalvacherla and Krishika Patel as hero and heroine. The film bankrolled by James Watt Kommu under SJK Productions banner. This movie is being helmed by director Ratan Rishi. Tanikella Bharani, Satyam Rajesh, Prabhakar, Vinay Varma, Bhadram and Tagugubotu Ramesh are playing other important roles. Artiste's film, which is in the final stage of shoot, is getting ready for release soon. Artiste movie First Glimpse released in Hyderabad. On this occasion,

Actor Bhadram said - When director Ratan Rishi was narrating the story of the movie Artiste, I felt how talented the directors of this generation are. Glimpses of the making are giving the feel of a Hollywood movie. After this movie, the artiste will be get good chances. The producer came into the industry with a passion for film. Hero Santhosh and heroine Krishika are going to be famous with this film. I want this Artiste film to be a blockbuster.

Actor Thagubothu Ramesh said - Hero Santhosh's performance in Artiste's movie will be good. He used to joke with us during breaks, but when the camera came in front of him, he would suddenly go into character. That is the quality that an artist should have. Heroine Krishika also impresses with her acting. Our director did not compromise anywhere. He has made the film as he thought.

Actor Kireeti says - Artiste is a different movie. As seen in Glimpses, the movie will be unique. The director has gave his all and worked hard along with us. Each character is newly designed. Happy to act in this movie. 

Director Ratan Rishi says - There is art in everyone. It will come out when the time comes. Like all artists, I introduced an artist. But he is valiant. If you see the glimpses of our movie, you will think it is a thriller but it has all the shades like love, emotion and comedy. There are scenes like a dark comedy. The producer did this project for me. Every artist is supported. Our movie starts from the scene with Prabhakar's entry. From that scene, people leave their phones aside in the theaters and go into the movie. With Glimpses you will have an idea about the movie. Teaser and trailer are more impressive than this.

Music director Suresh Bobbili said - Director Ratan Rishi's previous film was also composed by me. After hearing this story, I thought it would be a good movie. This is a movie that gives life to the director. The producer didn't even listen to the story and made the film with only faith in the director Ratan Rishi. Artiste movie will impress you.

Producer James Watt Kommu said - This is my second movie as a producer. First I did a movie called Nuvvu Thopura. We also released the film in the US through Geetha Arts. Actor Prabhakar told me about Artiste movie. He said that the movie is a good concept. So others told me about this project. So, without even hearing the story, I decided to produce the movie. After seeing the working style of the director on the set..I felt that he will be a great director for sure. A good music director like Suresh Bobbili and his technicians gave a good project. Artists also put thierheart and soul into the film. We are going to give a good hero to the industry with the movie Artiste. Heroine Krishika is also a talented artist. We hope this movie will be a hit for all of us.

Heroine Krishika Patel said - I would like to thank the producer and director for giving me the opportunity to act as the heroine in the artiste movie. Happy to enter Tollywood with Artiste movie. This is a good movie. Hope everyone supports the film.

Hero Santosh Kalvacharla said - Our artiste movie started as a small project. After our producer came, all the big artists joined. It was shocking for me to have so many famous actors in our film. You will love the movie as well as Glimpse.

Actors - Santhosh Kalvacherla, Krishika Patel, Tanikella Bharani, Satyam Rajesh, Prabhakar, Vinay Varma, Bhadram, Thagubothu Ramesh, Sudarshan.P, Venky Monkey, Devaraj Palamuru, Sonia Akula, Sneha Madhuri Sharma, Seetha Mahalakshmi etc.

Technical team

Music - Suresh Bobbili

Cinematography - Chandu AJ

Editor - RM Vishwanath Kuchanapally

Lyrics - Rambabu Gosala

D Eye Colorist - Dolly Shekhar

Art - Ravi Babu Dondapati

Fights - Devaraju

Costumes and Stylist - Harshita Ravuri

Executive Producer - Suresh Basant

Production Controller – Valmiki

PRO - GSK Media

Producer - James Watt Kommu

Written and Directed by - Ratan Rishi 

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