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Ramanna Youth Pre Release Event Held Grandly

 Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen, Priyadarshi, Thiruveer shared best wishes for the team Ramanna Youth at the grand pre-release event

The movie “Ramanna Youth” is directed by talented young actor Abhai Naveen and he is playing the lead role in the film. The film is being made as an entertaining political drama by Fire Fly Arts. The movie "Ramanna Youth" is getting ready for release on 15th of this month. The pre-release event of this movie was held in Hyderabad on Monday evening. Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen, Priyadarshi and Thiruveer were the chief guests in this program. On this occasion,

Actor Anil Geela said - My village made us famous through the show. Many star heroes have come to our village for the promotion of their films. When they came, I used to ask them chances. However, there were not many opportunities. Even though I did some movies, I got very small characters. Abhai Naveen anna told the story of this movie in such a time. He said that your photo will be on the poster. While making this film, I saw how difficult filmmaking is. Facing all these, he completed the film. A good movie is not enough. There is a lot of work involved in taking it to the audience. Watch our movie in theatre. You will like it.

Actor Yadamma Raju said - Abhai has been in contact ever since he made the movie George Reddy. He gave a good role in this movie. This is an interesting political drama that takes place in a village. Watch it in theaters on 15th of this month and enjoy.

Actor Thagubothu Ramesh said - Whoever does a good job in movies, I call and appreciate them. From the time of Pelli Choopulu, I used to call and tell Abhai in any movie he acted in. That's how our friendship started. One day he told me a story. He narrates the story very impressively on a small point. When you watch Tamil and Malayalam movies, you will feel how well the movie was made with a small point. That's how I felt when I heard this story. Anil gave me the character of Ramanna in Ramanna Youth. I will be in half of the movie and my name will be heard in the other half. Abhai has directed the film with great clarity. I was happy to see his hard work. Thanks to Vishwak, Priyadarshi and Thiruveer who came to support this movie.

Heroine Amulya Reddy said - I got a chance to act in this movie through Nandu Garu. Abhai Naveen sir supported me a lot to play the heroine in this film. The dialogues were told very patiently. Today I am happy to speak at this ceremony before so many people. Ramanna Youth movie will be new and will give you a different experience. I want to see it in theaters.

Anil from Silly Monks said - Like all small movie makers, Abhai and Shiva struggled to release this film. We watched the movie. Immediately we decided to support Ramanna Youth movie without any other thought. Abhai Naveen has made a good film with the resources he has. He impressed as an actor and director. We liked the movie very much. That is why we came forward to support the movie. All the best to the entire team.

Co-producer Siva said - We do a lot of discussions about movies in our friend circle. We used to think how to make movies in a compact budget. We have observed some movies that came out like that. At such a time Abhai Naveen was introduced by Kathi Mahesh. After listening to the story he told, I felt that he has written a unique point in a cinematic way. But the making was not as easy as we thought. I can say that we have made a good movie. You want to be seen and loved.

Hero and director Abhay Naveen said - My village is Siddipet. My father is a maths teacher. No one at home likes me to go to movies. Relatives are the ones who complain that your guy is going into movies. My dream is to make a movie. After seeing my perseverance, friends and family started supporting me a lot. If they all don't believe in me, I won't be able to do the film. Introduction of Priyadarshi and Thiruveer from Bommalaramaram movie time. Priyadarshi anna said to go to Pelli Choopulu auditions. Director Tarun Bhaskar told me that you have been selected, but I didn't believe it. But there was an opportunity in that movie. Some people still call me Eucalyptus, like in the movie Pelli Choopulu. Some say Abhai, some say Naveen. I started Ramanna Youth with the courage given by Priyadarshi, Thiruveer, Tarun Bhaskar, Jeevan Reddy, Pawan Sadhineni behind me. If the script was given to the producers of this movie, they did not read it. One line order was given but not read. After the completion of the film, they saw it on the screen. No one knows who the producer is. He only knows that he wants to make a good film. My team is my biggest strength. My heartfelt thanks every one of them. When asked to come to our function, Vishwak immediately replied. He has a golden heart. He came here to give encouragement to a small film like ours. Many newcomers get support from such people. Thanks to Vishwak. Silly Monks Anil Anna first gave us the courage to make a good film. The audience does not know that a small film is a big film. If the story is good, you will definitely watch the movie. 15th of this month is a special day in my life. I dedicate that day to my father. Ramanna Youth movie is now in your hands. Share the trailer if you like it. Watch our movie in the theater and support it.

Hero Thiruveer said - I am happy that Abhai Naveen, who once traveled with me in an auto, has now made a film like this. He made videos through Dub Smash. We acted in a movie together. Abhai, who gave auditions for opportunities, is now a director and is happy to give opportunities to our friends. Abhai became a director, writer and editor. This is just the first step in his career. Abhai's first success was getting his film to release. Thanks to everyone who supported him for this movie. Abhai narrated the story for me too. Long weekend is coming on 15th of this month. Watch the movie in the theater and support this team.

Hero Priyadarshi said - Abhai, Thiruveer, I and some other friend, we have struggled in the industry for ten years. I'm Saying on this stage, we can dream. Abhai gained a lot of fame by making dub smash videos. Once he went to Rajahmundry and gave training to someone in acting. Abhai already went to the extent of giving us training when we were doing auditions here. He gave a chance to all those friends who were with him while he was making the film. I saw the movie. It was a lot of fun and I was surprised at some places. Thagubothu Ramesh has a good character. Also the other characters are also unique. Some movies get less theaters and some movies get more theaters. But you must watch this movie. There is a good story. There is an emotion. There is a life in the movie Ramanna Youth.

Hero Vishwak Sen said - I used to go to the theater where my movie is showing and want to see the name of the movie on the ticket. When the movie Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi was released, I went to Devi theater and bought a hundred tickets and was happy to see them. Abhai came to me during Falaknama Das movie audition. He auditioned carefully as a senior. Many films like Pelli Choopulu, Arjun Reddy, Balagam, Masooda, Falaknuma Das have proved that there is no need to have such a budget for making history. Many people look at the budget of the film, but if you see how talented the people working behind the film are, I believe that is the real strength of the film. Ramanna Youth wants such a magic workout. There is Political knowledge is more for rural youth. They have more cricket and political knowledge. Abhai brought such flavor in this movie. I heard that some women worked in the direction department of this movie. Many women work in Bollywood. Boys are motivated if you are on set. Tharun Bhaskar said about this story a year and a half ago that it was very good. This is a very interesting point. All the best to the whole team. Watch Ramanna Youth movie on 15th of this month. You will definitely like it.

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