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Matti katha", which is releasing in theaters on 22nd

 "Matti katha", which is releasing in theaters on 22nd of this month, will win the hearts of the audience - Movie Team

Matti Katha starring Ajay Ved, Maya, Kanakavva, Dayanand Reddy and Balagam Sudhakar Reddy in lead roles has good buzz among audience. Appireddy is producing this film under Mic Movies banner. Co-Produced by Satish Manjeera. Directed by Pawan Kadiyala. The film Matti Katha has created history by winning awards in 9 international film festivals as well as awards in three categories at the Indo-French International Film Festival.

This movie is going to release in theaters on 22nd of this month. Ahead of the film's release, a special preview press meet of Matti Katha was organized in Hyderabad. On this occasion,

Hero Ajay Ved said - I am very happy to see the response to Matti Katha. Any short video related to our film is going viral. This movie which started small, is now coming to the theaters. We did not expect that our film will be released in theaters. Happy to know that some centers are filling up. We are happy to have a big company like Mic Movies supporting us. Thanks to Appireddy garu. You will surely love the story of Matti katha.

Director Pawan Kadiyala said - Development has started well in Hyderabad during the new millennium time. At that time, how this development affected the small town near the city, naturally we have shown in the story of Matti Katha. This story takes place in the year 2003. Natural narratives have characters. We get the feeling that the story took place in a town we are familiar with. If we send our movie to film festivals, we got awards in 9 international film festivals. I think this is an honor for Telugu cinema. Thanks to Mic movies Appireddy garu. Watch Matti Katha in theaters on 22nd of this month and support us.

Actress Ruchita said - Thanks to director Pawan Garu for giving me the opportunity to act in Matti katha. This is a honest attempt made by new people. If you look at Matti Katha, you don't think this is a movie made by newcomers. It will surprise you. The movie is all natural and impressive. No one will be disappointed. Watch in theaters. That will be the encouragement to new people like us.

Actor Akshay said - I have done a good character in Matti Katha. Thanks to Pawan Anna for giving me a chance in this movie. This is our native story. It gives the feeling of being in our village. This is an attempt made by new people. Today, if the content is good, the audience appreciates it. We all have the same belief.

Actor Raju Aluri said - Wishing that everyone will support our effort in Matti katha. If you support our team, we will get energy to make more good films.

Producer Appireddy said - Matti Katha is the third film coming in our Mic Movies company this year. I am proud to have made such a movie. We do many commercial movies. But doing films like Matti Katha are very satisfying. This movie won 9 international awards. Sathish, the CEO of our Mic Movies, stood like a back bone for the film. Pawan Kadiyala bringing our land story, our native story. A film that touches the hearts of the audience. Ajay Ved is well known as a hero. He is a talented and committed artist. Also, it seems that Ruchita, Raju and Akshay, the artists in this movie, will have a good career. Matti Katha is releasing in theaters on 22nd of this month. I want you all to support.

Actors - Ajay Ved, Maya, Kanakavva, Dayanand Reddy, Balagam Sudhakar Reddy, Balveer Singh, Akshay, Raju Aluri, Tina, Ruchita, Seetha Mahalakshmi, Nandagopal etc.

Technical team

Music - Smaran Sai

Editing - Kumbham Uday, Ram Krishna

Cinematography- Sai Nath

Project Creative Head - GH Sundar

Lyrics - Nihilesh Sunkoju

Co Producer - Satish Manjira

Producer - Appireddy

PRO - GSK Media

Written and directed by Pawan Kadiyala

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