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Director Mahesh Babu P Interview About Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty

 Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty a big success with megastar Chiranjeevi’s appreciation: Director Mahesh Babu P

Mahesh Babu p made his directorial debut with the film Rara Krishnaiah. He proved as talented director with the film. After some hiatus, his upcoming movie "Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty". The family entertainer, starring Naveen Polishetty and Anushka, was produced by UV creations. "Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty" is ready for a Pan India release tomorrow. Director P Mahesh Babu interacted with media about the film.

- Our hometown Bhimavaram. We came from there for a few years. I have been like this from an early age. Writing stories for the time of studying college, the interest on the direction began. I had a curiosity on the film making process. I came to the industry. Rara Krishnaiah is my first movie. After that there were some films. Some have come stopped after began shooting. Few didn't gone to the sets for unexpected reasons.

- I am writing stories in this gap. Anushka's friend tells the story of Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty. He tells Anushka. I thought my script was going to a little adult through her. Anushka called me one day and I narrated the story. There are also UV producers there. After telling her the story, you asked who you want to do with the movie. I said that the dialogue version will be completed. They know my focus on the story and content of the film.

- Anushka has done subjects like Baahubali and Bhagmathi. She is also waiting for a similar lighter way entertainment story. When I told this story, she loved. She came into the project. UV creations also impressed. UV Creations has spent more investment for the film. The big banner seemed happy to believe my Vision.

- I've narrated this story to Naveen in 2019. He took time for 3 months and said okay. We have been shooting for the Lead Pair by February 2020. We have set the first schedule in March. Then the pandemic came. On the other hand, Naveen went to the US for promotion and struck there. The lock down is to be limited to all. So this project was up to the expected time. Release date postponing is to make post production more quality.

- In this film there is bold content but not Adult Content. Actors like Anushka and Naveen have an image and credibility. If the content is not good, the original film will not be admitted. The UA certificate came from the censor. The censor team said that they had seen the film without bothering for a moment. The story seemed to be embarrassing at first time Anushka even when he was doing the story. However, she heard the story with a very open mind. When I went to tell the story once again, she enjoyed.

- Actors like Anushka and Naveen are ready to accept new stories, and we are able to write scripts like them. There is no pursuit of the society today. Talking openly. The film's fun emotion gives the audience a new feel. The messages are not straight. But there will be that moral in the story. I've read in the paper with the heading Shetty with Polishetty. We have fixed the title of Miss Shetty and Mr. Polishetti with that rhyming. The two characters are main for this film, so we fixed it.

- A lady who is thinking of not getting married in life wants to be happy to be a mother rather than marry. For that, she takes help of youngster. To this end, the consequences of the couple. The storyline of the film is what they are mentally emotional. In the trailer, we told this point and prepared the audience. There are many emotional bondings that are not the only romance between husbands or lovers. In my story, the heroine will see such a relationship. I am confident people will enjoy the movie tomorrow. There are no scenes that bother anywhere. It feels like a complete movie. This is a good entertainment and emotional movie. Naveen Polishetty, Anushka as Sidhu and Anvitha Character are Natural. We are making a special show for Kollywood directors in Chennai tomorrow. We are releasing the movie in all South Languages. The story is universal, so we are releasing the film in Hindi too.

- Chiranjeevi called us and appreciated me. When I wrote the story as a writer, I wanted to remember these points to watch the movie, and such little details were also spoken by Chiranjeevi. Up to ten people in Chiranjeevi gari family, including Surekha Garu, watched our movie. Chiranjeevi called me and Naveen home and we spent almost half and hour time discussing about the film.

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