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Audience and families thoroughly enjoying Kushi: Kushi team at success meet

Audience and families thoroughly enjoying Kushi: Kushi team at success meet

Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha starrer Kushi released in theatres today and got super hit talk from the audience. This movie was helmed by director Shiva Nirvana under Mythri Movie Makers banner. Kushi is unanimously loved by the audience as a love and family entertainer, and the team held a success meet today. On this occasion,

Producer Naveen Yerneni said - Kushi movie was unanimous positive response from the audience. We are getting calls from early morning from US. It is said that the movie was a great success. Family and youth audience are all enjoying Kushi movie. This is the biggest openings in Vijay's career. In the morning we went to IMAX, RTC X Roads Theatres and audience response was great. Distributors are calling continuously. Show by show collections are reported to be increasing. We will tell you in a few days how much more Kushi will go. It is a very clean movie. A movie like this has not come out in recent times. As it is a good movie, there is also a chance for awards. We can get awards for director Shiva Garu, music director Hesham, hero Vijay, heroine Samantha, production house. Thanks to Shiva for giving such a good super hit to our organization. Also thanks to Vijay, Samantha, music director Hesham and our whole team

Producer Y Ravi Shankar said - What we believed when we heard Kushi's story became true. Box office numbers are increasing show by show.. Kushi will have a long run in theaters as the musical and family entertainer. Extraordinary reports are coming from every place where the movie has been released. Vijay gave a superb performance. Also Samantha's acting is very good. Audience enjoying Hesham music. The audience comes to an estimate by looking at the promotional content we do for each hero film. I think the movie will be like this. That's why every movie gets its correct result from the first show. Our movie has an overall positive response. We are thanking our director Shiva Garu for making a film that everyone will like.

Director Shiva Nirvana said - I am happy to see the response of the audience for our movie Kushi. Appreciations are coming from media persons saying that the movie is good. I believe that the media will judge the film correctly. It is nice to get a positive report from media. God, Beliefs and Karma theory has existed in our country for hundreds of years. With this background, I wrote Kushi's story back in two years ago, wanting to tell a beautiful love story to the present society. The audiences are connecting to that point. Morning show starts with youth and from matinee couples are going. Total families are going for the first show. Vijay has shown good timing and emotion in his performance. Also Samantha's performance is very good. It is said that the first half is good with fun and love, and the family elements and emotion in the second half are said to be good. The climax at the end is said to have been handled well. Appreciation is coming that a difficult point has been shown in a very simple way to reach everyone. As a director I have risen to another level in the minds of the audience. Every middle class family has a hero. Instead of his image as a star, Vijay acted naturally by understanding the revolutionary character. He thinks that we as humans should achieve anything with our own strength. I made a love story because there is such a new point. In the last half hour, we had planned to take the audience into an emotional mood. I am happy that it worked out well and reached the audience. Ideologies and sciences may be different but we have said in this movie that we should be with people who love us no matter what they believe. The ending would not have been well received if the characters were not sustained until the climax. If you watch the emotion climax for that long, you will feel connected with the movie right there. There is no good or bad climax in the history of cinema. Audience are coming out of the theatre with the feeling of watching a good movie. Special thanks to music director Hesham. They are enjoying the songs in the theatre. Congratulations to all our producers and the rest of the team.

Music director Hesham Abdul Wahab said - We are happy that you liked the efforts we put in the movie Kushi. The movie is getting good response from all the audience. Thanks to director Siva, producers Naveen and Ravi Shankar for giving me the opportunity to work on this film.

Cinematographer G. Murali said - Thanks to Mythri and Shiva garu for giving an opportunity to work fot Kushi. Visuals are added only if the script is good. Because of the beautiful story, I was able to give good visuals. I watched the movie in Sandhya theater among the audience. They are all enjoying it fully. I am happy that the movie is a big hit.


Mythri distributor Shashi said - I watched the movie Kushi with my family. Everyone in our house liked the movie. Collections are increasing every show. It will be a big hit in Vijay's career.

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