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“Athidhi” will be streaming on Disney + Hotstar from September 19th

 A grand pre-release event of “Athidhi” web series done, “Athidhi” will be streaming on Disney + Hotstar from September 19th

Venu Thottempudi and Avantika Mishra starrer web series “Athidhi”. This web series is produced by director Bharat Vyji under the banner of Random Frames Entertainment. Famous director Praveen Sattaru acted as the show runner. "Athidhi" web series will be streaming on Disney + Hot Star from 19th of this month. Recently, the pre-release event of this film was held in Hyderabad. On this occasion,

Actor Ravi Varma said - Many successful web series like 9 Hours, Parampara, Save the Tigers are coming in Disney + Hot Star. Being a part of many of them, I had a special connection with Disney plus Hot Star. The Athidhi will be a bigger hit than all the previous web series. Don't expect Venu to make you laugh. You will be afraid, they make us afraid. Watch Athidhi with your family at home.

Actor Venky Kakumanu said - Athidhi will have 6 episodes. All episodes are thrilling. This web series will be enjoyed completely. Venu, Avantika and Siya all performed superbly.

Director Vyji Bharat said - I wanted to do it as a small project with a small point. But gradually it turned out to be a much higher budget web series than I expected. I mentioned this point when I met Praveen Sattaru for a movie script writing. He liked it and the project started. Also my friend supported me in Disney + Hot Star. Anuradha liked the subject and took up the web series. Athidhi has elements of horror and thriller. Each episode is full of twists and turns. This is a web series for the whole family to watch.

Cinematographer Manoj said - Athidhi gave a good experience to all our team. It has good production values. This web series can be said to be worth to watch. I won't reveal too much about the Athidhi. You have to see and experience. Watch Disney + Hot Star on 19th of this month.

Heroine Siya Gautham said - It is the first time Disney + Hotstar is working with a hot star. This is a web series that gives thrills and scares. I mostly have scenes with Venu. Avantika Mishra will scare you in the character of Maya. I expect that the Athidhi will not stop with one season but will come in many seasons.

Music director Kapil says - My favorite horror movie is RGV Deyyam. The background score of the film inspired me. It took 15 days to score the background for the Athidhi. This is a unique web series. Watch and enjoy.

Heroine Avantika Mishra said - Horror content is less in Telugu. I can say that Athidhi fills that gap. In this web series, the story, screenplay, production values and performance of the artists are all good. We had the right team. I'm coming as Maya to you in this web series. Happy to act with Venu garu. He was very supportive. Sia is a good costar. Director Vyji Bharat did not compromise anywhere. A perfect web series Athidhi for those who love horror thrillers. Watch on Disney + Hotstar.

Hero Venu Thottempudi said - I give the credit to the director Bharat that the Athidhi web series has done so well. We did 70 percent of what he said. It should be a team work. We became like a family. We are all guests on earth. We will stay for a while and leave. We are going to come as guests in your house on 19th of this month. We want you to invite us wholeheartedly. Thanks to Praveen Sattaru. I would like to thank Disney + Hot Star for making us a part of such a great project. Strong technical team worked for this movie. Production values are better than a movie. Director Bharat has taken care in every small detail. That's why the Athidhi has come on screen so well. It must be said that Avantika Maya's character has changed. I have more scenes with Sia. We did that scene well.You can binge watch the series. So gripping. If you miss one episode, you will miss the twist.

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