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“Athidhi” entertains everyone in the family - Hero Venu Thottempudi, Director Bharat Vyji

 “Athidhi” entertains everyone in the family - Hero Venu Thottempudi, Director Bharat Vyji

Venu Thottempudi and Avantika Mishra starrer web series “Athidhi” is produced by director Bharat Vyji under the banner of Random Frames Entertainment. Famous director Praveen Sattaru acted as the show runner. "Athidhi" web series will be streaming on Disney plus Hot Star from 19th of this month. Recently, the first two episodes of this web series were previewed to the media. After that Team held a Q & A press meet. Cinematographer Manoj, actor Venkatesh Kakumanu and others also participated in this press meet. On this occasion,

Director Bharat Vyji said - The story of Athidhi web series was inspired by an incident I saw in my real life. There was a building near my village. On the road where that building was located, there were rows of trees. Every vehicle on that road would stop. No one would go that way because of fear. That's the base for Athidhi story. Earlier we considered many artists from South and North for the hero character in this story. We wanted to take Kannada hero Upendra but Puneeth passed away at that time. Kannada industry is suffering. In times like these, we looked for those who have North and South person features. Venu's name came up in our discussions. We approached him and sent him the script. Venu liked the story and offered to do it. After the first two episodes that you have seen now, the actual story and twists will begin. For this web series, we have set the Ramoji Film City. The set came very naturally. Venu said the same thing when this series started. I have family audience fans. That there shouldn't be a single scene that bothers them. I followed the same. Venu's performance is very good. Horror movies are less in our Telugu. Ever seen the RGV's Deyyam. It entertains with an undercurrent of horror. Watch our Athidhi on 19th of this month. Enjoy with family.

Hero Venu said - I watched a lot of web series during covid time. That's when I thought of doing a web series. At that time the Athidhi script came to me. The story is very good. But I said that it should be made as a complete family entertainer. Because today there is a lot of content coming in OTT but who is watching it in their rooms. It contains adult content. That's why I want to do without such things. Bharat did the same. I give the credit to the technicians for making the Athidhi web series so good. Bharat worked hard. Also cinematographer Manoj has picturized every scene very well. Venkatesh Kakumanu has a good reputation. With this web series, Venkatesh will get the recognition that I got in Hanuman Junction. Ravi Varma has done a good character. Apart from horror and comedy, this is a story that everyone can comfortably watch together. I have admitted that I like the story of the series. I saw a phase in my career. Now I want to do different characters. If I get good stories, I will do a web series. My friend Trivikram and I started our career at the same time. We know each other. If there is a suitable character for me in his films, he will definitely call me. I love what he does in the film's.

Actor Ravi Varma said - Thanks to Disney hot star, Bharat for giving us a chance to be a part of Athidhi. I did a 9 hours web series on Hot Star. The Athidhi got a chance to make a good character. Horror is an undercurrent in Athidhi. Enjoy the twist and depth of every scene. It will be interesting to see what happens now. Scary ghosts, no such thing. You can also keep the kids sitting nearby and watch the guests. Now those who have seen two episodes should watch again from the beginning. There will be good twists from the third episode. I want to reduce bad characters in my career.

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