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100 families will be selected and given Rs 1lakh each - Hero Vijay Devarakonda at Vizag "Kushi" Block Buster Celebrations

 All my fans are Devara family. 100 families will be selected and given Rs 1lakh each - Hero Vijay Devarakonda at Vizag "Kushi" Block Buster Celebrations

Tollywood latest blockbuster movie Kushi starring Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha impressed everyone as a love and family entertainer. Kushi's Blockbuster Celebrations, which grossed Rs 70.23 crore in three days, was grandly held in Visakhapatnam. Hero Vijay Devarakonda, producer Naveen Yerneni, director Shiva Nirvana and other film crew participated in this event. On this occasion,

Sashidhar Reddy, distributor of Mythri, said - Kushi movie in Nizam area got 75% return of investment within three days. Kushi is the highest first 3 days collection in Vijay Devarakonda's career. These collections do not stop here. There will be a long run. Families and youth are all connected to Kushi.

Cinematographer G. Murali said - Hero Vijay and I have always wanted to work together. Now thag wish is done. I worked for Rajinikanth's Kabali. What kind of response was received while watching that movie in Hyderabad theater, same mass response was received from the audience while watching Vijay's movie. Thanks to the audience who made the movie a super hit.

Producer Naveen Yerneni said - Thanks to Vijay, Samantha and Shiva for giving a memorable movie like Kushi to our Production. This is a movie that feels like Mani Ratnam's Roja. Proud to have produced such a clean family entertainer. It is not normal that Kushi recovered 75 percent in the first three days. We think it will be the highest grosser in Vijay's career. From the morning of Kushi's release till now, US calls are coming continuously. They are saying that the movie is good. We will hold more success celebrations events in next two weeks.

Music director Hesham Abdul Wahab said - I thank the audience for making Kushi a blockbuster hit. They are enjoying the music in the movie. Thanks to director Shiva and Mythri for giving me such a great opportunity.

Director Shiva Nirvana said - I am a resident of Vizag. This is the first time that my film function is happening here. I have brought the rowdy hero to you. In Vizag dialect, I brought Vijay Mavaya to you. I went to Tollywood from Sabbavaram. A boy like me who went from Sabbavaram and now directs a film with Vijay means that the story is inspiring. Why is Kushi special in my movies? After watching Arjun Reddy's movie in Hyderabad, I couldn't get out of that hangover. Close-up shots of Vijay while listening to Arjun Reddy's song in the car. I strongly wanted to direct a film with Vijay in two or three years. Today I was able to make a good movie like Kushi. If I want, I can put fights and item songs in this movie. But I want to make a clean movie, a full purpose movie. We may have many differences of opinion in our family, but we are all one family. I told Kushi a good thing that even if our thoughts and beliefs are different, they should not be an obstacle to being together. Soon action movies like Pushpa 2 and Salaar will come and impress you. Among such action movies, Our Kusni is like a pleasant movie. Tomorrow is Teacher's Day, and day after tomorrow  its Krishnashtami holiday. You can go with your family and see Kushi. Our collections in Vizag should be more than US and Nizam areas.

Hero Vijay Devarakonda said - I can see the love you are showing for Kushi. I feel that love even when I am at home. There are attacks on me and my film. They are doing fake BMS ratings and fake YouTube videos on our Kushi. Thousands of fake accounts are created and YouTube videos are circulated. Some are spending money for this. Beyond all that, we are getting these numbers and success because of the love of fans and audience. You are the reason for this success. We will talk about these conspiracies later. Seeing your love here today, I don't feel like talking about other things. If you are Kushi, I am full Kushi. I wanted to see happiness on your faces when the promotion of this movie started. Looking at that happiness today. I am very satisfied to see the happiness on your faces even after three days. Khushi is a simple, cute emotional love story. Shiva also said the same thing while making the film. Vijay Bro said that we will make a cute love story with a good point and make it a comfortable watch for families. Seeing the love you are giving to the movie today, we have a lot to do thanks to you. I used to think only that I should earn money, take good care of my parents and live with respect in the society. Seeing the popularity of Kushi today, I understand that you all are waiting to see me make a good film. You all want me to win and my films to succeed. They are sad if my movies flop, they are happy if my movie is a hit. I am saying from this platform. From now on I will work for you hundred percent along with my family. You should always smile. I want to share Kushi with you all. I want to see your smile. But not satisfied. But something has to be done. I cannot meet all of you personally. You are happy even I am happy. I am giving one crore rupees from my earnings and Kushi's earnings to you, my family, to share my happiness with you. In the next ten days I will select one hundred families and give a check of one lakh rupees to each family. I will share my earnings with you as well as my happiness. You all are Devara family. I will put a form on my social media with Spreading Kushi. I am happy that the money I give helps you with rents and fees. 100 families will be announced tomorrow. We will hold a big event in Hyderabad in the next ten days. Before that event, 100 families will be provided at the rate of 1 lakh each. Only then will I be satisfied.Thank you for the love you are showing.

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