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Vishnu Manchu announces his dream project “Kannappa – A True Epic Indian Tale”

 Vishnu Manchu announces his dream project “Kannappa – A True Epic Indian Tale”

With great excitement and pride, I present my cherished project, "Kannappa – A True Epic Indian Tale." This cinematic masterpiece has been a labor of love, carefully nurtured over several years. The profound narrative of "Kannappa" holds a special place in the hearts of cinephiles for generations. The timeless saga of Kannappa, an unwavering devotee of Lord Shiva, has commanded deep reverence throughout the ages.

This movie stands as a testament to my unyielding passion. It has been meticulously crafted to unfold on a grand scale, featuring distinguished actors from various Indian film industries. This positions it as one of the most eagerly anticipated endeavors in Indian cinema. What's equally thrilling is the involvement of my father, the esteemed Dr. Mohan Babu garu, who will be producing the movie under banners of 24 Frames Factory and AVA Entertainment.

"Kannappa" emerges as a narrative of extraordinary stature, casting a spotlight on the magnificence of unwavering devotion. At its core lies the awe-inspiring transformation of Kannappa, an erstwhile atheist who underwent a profound metamorphosis into an unflinching devotee of Lord Shiva. His devotion resonates across temporal and cultural boundaries, solidifying his stature as one of history's most exceptional devotees. The honor of perpetuating this extraordinary legacy is a privilege I hold dear.

A hallmark of the project's grandeur lies in the contribution of the stalwart writers Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, Thota Prasad, Thotapalli Sainath, Burra Sai Madhav, who have masterfully developed the story. The music, composed by Manisharma and Stephen Devassay, will undoubtedly add depth to the narrative, while the cinematography by Sheldon Shau will capture the essence of the story in breath-taking visuals. The intricate set designs by Art Director Chinna will transport the audience to the world of "Kannappa."

As we set out on this cinematic journey, our sacred path is guided by the divine presence of Lord Shiva at the revered Sri Kalahasti temple. The temple's significance in the story of "Kannappa" is monumental, serving as the backdrop for Kannappa's unwavering devotion. Our endeavor is not only a cinematic pursuit but also a spiritual one, and we are humbled to be guided by the divine as we bring "Kannappa" to life.

Helming this cinematic masterpiece is the visionary director Mukesh Kumar Singh, celebrated for his exceptional directorial prowess in bringing the Mahabharat series to life on the Starplus platform. His directorial genius promises to elevate "Kannappa" to unparalleled heights, infusing the film with a distinct blend of artistic brilliance and narrative depth.

Adding to the splendor of this project is the inclusion of the radiant Nupur Sanon, who takes on the lead female role with grace and talent that perfectly complements the film's grandeur.

The convergence of unparalleled talent, the narrative expertise of the writers, meticulous craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to uncompromising technical standards will undoubtedly elevate "Kannappa" to new heights of artistic brilliance. The culmination will be an unforgettable cinematic masterpiece that resonates across time, capturing the awe-inspiring devotion of Kannappa in a visual spectacle that will captivate the current generation.

The script has been developed over more than two years to ensure its authenticity and resonance. "Kannappa" promises to be an immersive experience that pays homage to the legacy of Kannappa while presenting it in a way that will resonate with today’s generation.

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