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Prem Kumar' Film Which Is Releasing On August 18

 'Prem Kumar' Film Which Is Releasing On August 18 Will Surely Make the Audience Smile Heartfully - Hero Santosh Soban

Santosh Soban who earned a name for himself by choosing distinctive films right from the beginning of his career is now coming with his latest film titled, 'Prem Kumar'. The film which is being made with love and entertaining elements is gearing up to release on the 18th of August. Writer Abhishek Maharshi is making his directorial debut with this film. Shiva Prasad Panneeru is bankrolling this film under the Sharanga Entertainment Pvt Ltd banner. Rashi Singh and Ruchitha Sadineni are playing as female leads. Krishna Chaitanya, Krishna Teja, Sudarshan, Ashok Kumar, and Sri Vidya are playing other key roles. On Saturday, Prem Kumar movie's Dawath Promotional Song Launch Event holding in Hyderabad. Hero Santosh Soban, Heroines Ruchitha Sadineni, Rashi Singh, Producer Shiva Prasad, Director Abhishek Maharshi, Music Director A. Anant Srikar, Kasarla Shyam, Writer Anirudh Krishnamurthy, Actors Prabhavathi, Ashok Kumar, Singers Roll Rida, Dhruvan attended the event.

Roll Rida says, " I know director Abhishek Maharshi since 2012. I did a promotional song for this film. I am happy to be a part of this film. Kasarla Shyam penned lyrics for my song. I worked along with Dhruvan." 

RR Dhruvan says, " Roll Rida is the reason for me to be a part of this film. Kasarla Shyam Garu encouraged me a lot. In the coming days, this song will go viral everywhere."

Kasarla Shyam says, " I wrote this song because of my friends Roll Rida and Dhruvan. I wish the film to become a big hit."

Music Director Anant Srikar says, " I am happy to debut as a music director with Director Abhishek's film. I have been associated with Sri Charan Pakala from Kshanam Film. Thanks to Director and Producer for this good opportunity."

Writer Anirudh Krishnamurthy says, " This film got started after Santosh okayed the story. I worked along with Abhishek. Those who like Jandhyala Garu, EVV Gari's style of comedy, will enjoy this film a lot. I wish the film to become a very big hit."

Ruchitha Sadineni says, " I did the role of Angana in 'Prem Kumar'. She is someone who behaves exactly opposite to how a rich girl should be. We are coming to the theatres on August 18. I hope you all enjoy the film.

Producer Shiva Prasad says, " Entire team is a bunch of friends. We have started the Sharanga banner because of Abhishek and Santosh Soban Garu. Santosh is like my brother. Very rarely I call him by his name. I call him Darling most of the time. Satosh decided to do this film after listening to the story itself. The sole aim of this film is to entertain the audience. I believe the audience will laugh and enjoy watching our 'Prem Kumar' which is releasing on August 18th. Director Abhishek, Music Director Anant... everyone enjoyed working on the film. Abhishek worked dedicatedly in making this film. Our movie song will be heard at every party. The film came out very well." 

Heroine Rashi Singh says, " Roll Rida and Dhruvan have given a very high-range party with song. Thanks to the audience for their support of the teaser and trailer. I did the role of a girl named 'Nethra' in the film. Let us all meet in theaters on August 18th. This film will impress everyone as a fulfilled entertainer."

Director Abhishek Maharshi says, " Ever since I heard this promotional song, Party Dhawath, I was eagerly waiting to release it. Finally today we released the song. This is an amazing song. I know producer Shiva Prasad Garu for several years. I know him since my struggling actor days. One day we got fixed to do a movie. Santosh Soban is the reason for getting this story finalized. Anant has composed superb music. The sound will be very unique in theatres. The audience will get surprised by it. Rashi Singh and Ruchitha both performed very well. Krishna Teja who did the role of Santosh Soban's friend in the film did a terrific job. We will remember our friends while watching the film. The characters on the screen will resemble real life people we meet everyday. Sudarshan did very well in the role of 'Daddy'. He has not done a role like this before. The combination scenes of Sudarshan, Ashok Kumar and Santosh Soban will evoke laughs for sure. Garry provided very good support. He is one of the main reasons behind this film shaping out to be so good. Cinematographer Rampy shot very good visuals." 

Hero Santosh Soban says, "Thanks to Abhishek Maharshi garu and Shiva Prasad garu. It is their belief on the project made it to this day. Abhishek acted in my films. He didn't thought of becoming a director then. After this film's release, everyone will know how talented he is. I believe Abhishek will be come a brand for humour in the future. Doing a comedy film might not be a big thing but he made this film amazingly. I wish Shiva Prasad to do 150 films as a producer. Dhawath song made by Roll Rida, Dhruvan and Kasarla Shyam is a very good party song. Thanks to all the actors and technicians worked for this film. Special thanks to Rashi Singh, Ruchitha, Ashok Kumar, Prabhavathi garu. I am confident that 'Prem Kumar' will make you laugh for two hours. Let us meet in theatres from August 18th."

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