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Item song 'Maskathadi' from 'Prema Deshapu Yuvarani' is rollicking


Item song 'Maskathadi' from 'Prema Deshapu Yuvarani' is rollicking

Special song released in an innovative way at Tagespo Bar

'Prema Deshapu Yuvarani', a rom-com starring Yamin Raaz, Viraat Karthik and Priyanka Rewri, is written and directed by Sai Suneel Nimmala. Produced by Anand Vemuri and Hariprasad Ch, the film is coming from AGE Creations and S2H2 Entertainments.
A special song titled 'Masakathadi' from the film was released today at Tagespo Bar in Manikonda, Hyderabad. Speaking on the occasion, hero Yamin said that it felt good to release the song in the open bar in the presence of audiences. He added that the response to the song is quite encouraging. "It is routine to do such a ceremony in the presence of celebrities. For a change, our director felt that the song must be released amid audience members," Yamin added.

Director Sai Suneel said that 'Prema Deshapu Yuvarani' is an emotional love story. He added that it is nothing wrong to release a song in a bar if it aids in the movie gaining publicity. "We are all new and have made a sincere effort. We hope the audience will appreciate it," he added.


Yamin Raaz, Viraat Karthik, Priyanka Rewri, Mehboob Basha, Hari Krishna, Yogi Kathri, Sunitha, Manohar, Pavan Muthyala, Raja Reddy, Sandeep, Sravanthi, Banda Sai, Bakka Sai, Prathyusha, and Gopi Naidu.


Cinematography: Siva Kumar Deavarakonda; Music: Ajay Patnaik; Editing: MR Varma: Lyrics: Kasarla Shyam, Sai Suneel Nimmala, Bhanu-Krishna; Sound Mixing: Jayanthan Suresh; Choreography: Kapil, Sreeveer; Sound Effects: Purushotham Raju; Fights: Shivraaz; DI: Venkat; Stills; Jagan; Costumes: Mahi; Make-up: Anil, Madhu; PRO: Madhu VR; Publicity Designer: MKS Manoj; Post Production: Sarathi Studios; Producers: Anand Vemuri, Hariprasad CH; Written & Directed by: Sai Suneel Nimmala.

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