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Hero Syed Sohel Ryan Interview About Mr Pregnant

 Mr Pregnant' will be a career turning movie for me - Hero Syed Sohel Ryan

Syed Sohel Ryan, who shot to fame with Bigg Boss, has proved himself as a talented young hero with many crazy movies. The new movie in which he is playing the hero is 'Mr. Pregnant' is getting ready for release. In this, Sohel will be seen in the character of a male pregnant. Roopa Kodavayur is playing the heroine in this film. Produced by Appi Reddy, Ravindar Reddy Sajjala and Venkat Annapareddy under the banner of Mic Movies, this film is produced by debutant Srinivas Vinjanampati. This film which is getting ready for release on 18th of this month is being released by famous distribution company Mythri Movie Distribution in Nizam. Hero Sohail interacted with media today about the film.

- I got closer to the audience through Bigg Boss. But there was a doubt whether they would come to the theater to see me if I acted as a hero in the film. If star heroes do commercial films, it will workout because they have fans. But I believe that if young heroes like me do variety movies and make new efforts, the audience will come to our movies. That's why I am doing a new genre movie like Mr. Pregnant. I don't think making this movie is risky. For young actors like me, doing routine commercial projects is a risk.

- Director Srinivas Vinjanampati has been my friend for eight years. He wanted to make a movie with a big hero with this story. Because we both are newcomers, he said that the movie will not get craze. I didn't enter Bigg Boss then. After I came from Bigg Boss, he told me that you are the hero of this film and made me sign. That's how this movie started.

- Playing a male pregnant character was a different experience for me. Two sisters in my house were pregnant when I accepted this film. I observed how they walk, how they talk, how they do things. Also our director Srinivas is a good family person. He gives good advice. I have done this character well. I wore prosthetics weighing three kilos while doing this character. That little weight was bothering me. We can imagine how hard it is for mom to carry us for nine months.

- After watching this movie special show, many women shed emotional tears and said that it showed well the difficulties faced by the mother. Their response is the best example of how our film connected with the audience. It seems that our effort was successful. We hope to get the same response in the theater tomorrow.

- At least 20 percent of males are willing to take pregnancy if male pregnancy is really possible. It is taken to experience what it is. After the announcement of this movie, there were many trolls. But just like there are people who love me, there are people who don't like me. My mother also spoke negatively about this movie initially. But after watching the movie, I felt proud. She shed tears. She appreciated me for making a good movie.

- I went into depression when the release of this movie was delayed. Because I have high hopes for this movie. I believe this movie will be a turning point in my career.

- Nagarjuna garu appreciated when he showed glimpses of the movie Mr. Pregnant. You are doing a different movie. He said that new people should make new efforts like this. I felt very happy to release the trailer at his hands.

- Mic Movies Appireddy garu is supporting new directors and heroes with his movies. Movies are being made with a budget of at least five to six crores. If he wants, he can spend some more budget and try star heroes. But they are giving opportunities to new people. I am also happy to do a film in Mic Movies. This is a love story between Gautham and Mahi. First fun, going with a love story then it turns emotional.

- Roopa is a talented heroine. She received SIIMA award. In this movie, I also acted as her hubby. Reputed technicians worked for this film and they has better experience than me. I entered the industry at a young age. Trying to settle down. Everyday I work hard for movies. Boot Cut Balaraju is currently shooting. I'm doing another film called Katha Vere Vuntadi. Im selective when it comes to films. Like Ayushmann Khurana in Bollywood, I want to do different movies in Telugu.

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