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Full Moon Media Productions unveils a super-entertaining teaser of 'Sound Party'

 Full Moon Media Productions unveils a super-entertaining teaser of 'Sound Party'

'Sound Party' Teaser gets praises from Director Sampath Nandi

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 title winner VJ Sunny's upcoming movie titled 'Sound Party' is up for theatrical release. Starring Hritika Srinivas as the heroine, the film is Full Moon Media Productions' maiden venture. Sanjay Sheri, a talented writer, is making his debut as a director. Producers Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, and Sri Shyam Gajendra have joined hands with presenter Jaya Shankar. The film's teaser launch event was held today at Prasad Labs in the presence of director Sampath Nandi.

Speaking on the occasion, Sampath Nandi said, "I have been a presenter of some films. Like me, Jaya Shankar is acting as the presenter of this film. I want this practice to be continued. The teaser of 'Sound Party' is so good. Also, the music by Mohit is so awesome. If you look at the teaser, you will understand that this movie is going to be another 'Jathi Ratnalu'. Everyone walks around holding a cell phone and a cigarette. But Jayashankar walks around holding a book. I liked this quality of his. That's why I asked him to direct 'Paper Boy'. I hope 'Sound Party' becomes a resounding hit."

Producer Ravi Polishetty said, "'Sound Party' is a full entertainer coming under the banner of Full Moon Media Productions. Our whole team is confident that the audience will like the teaser. I thank Sampath Nandi for releasing our teaser. We are planning for a grand release of the film in September. Full Moon Productions is determined to encourage young talent and make films with new-age stories. From now on, films will come from our banner non-stop."

Music director Mohit Rahmaniac said, "Sunny is the main reason this film has come my way. Also, Jayashankar and our director Sanjay supported us a lot and helped me in belting out good music. I am very happy that Sampath Nandi is here to bless us."

Presenter Jaya Shankar said, "Recently, we launched the poster of our film at the hands of MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha garu. It has got a solid response. Also, I am very happy that Sampath Nandi came here today. I am what I am today in the film industry because of Sampath Nandi. He was the one who gave me my first opportunity to direct a movie. Sampath always used to say that we should also support those who travel with us from the beginning. The movie has shaped up very well. Sanjay is introducing a new kind of comedy through this movie. If this movie is appreciated, there will be many films that will be made in the fashion of the movies of Jandhyala garu and EVV Satyanarayana garu. Our team's support is the main reason why we were able to complete the film so fast."

Director Sanjay Sheri said, "Thanks to Sampath Nandi for being here. Even if are equipped with a 'Baahubali'-type story, there must be a force behind us. Jaya Shankar Anna is a source of strength. It is because of him that this film has reached this point. And 'Sound Party' is going to be another 'Jathi Ratnalu' range hit. Especially, the characters played by Sunny and Shivannarayana are hilarious. We were able to complete the film in 28 working days because of our team's support."

Actor Sivannarayana said, "I am very happy that Sanjay imagined me and wrote this story years ago. Also, I thank Jaya Shankar who is supporting Sanjay. Jayashankar is the backbone of this movie. As promised to the producer, the film was completed in time. The producers didn't compromise anywhere."

Singer Sriram Chandra said, "Sunny has a personality that connects with everyone. He is making good films and moving forward. I want Sound Party to be a big hit."

Hero VJ Sunny said, "We made this film enjoying a great deal. Sanjay has shaped a solid movie with Jayashankar's support. Shivannarayana and I acted as a father and a son. It was a thorough experience. Mohit gave amazing music. I want everyone to watch this film with their families."

Executive producer Bhuvan Saluru said, "Thanks to our technicians who helped to make this movie as planned and to all the actors who supported it, we are coming out with a thorough entertainer."


VJ Sunny, Sivannarayana, Ali, Saptagiri, '30 Years' Prudhviraj, 'Mirchi' Priya, Manik Reddy, Ashok Kumar, Kadambari Kiran, 'Gemini' Suresh, Bhuvan Saluri, 'I Dream' Anjali, Prem Sagar, RJ Hemanth, Shashank Mouli, Trinadh, Krishna Teja and others.


Director of Photography: Srinivas Reddy; Editor: G Avinash; Music Director: Mohit Rahmaniac;  Lyricist: Poornachari; PRO: GK Media; Line Producer: Sivakanth Vanga; Executive Producer: Bhuvan Saluru; Producer: Ravi Polishetty; Presented by: V Jayashankar; Written and Directed by Sanjay Sheri.

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