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First Look of 'DHIMAHI' unveiled!

 First Look of 'DHIMAHI' unveiled!

'Dhimahi' is a soul-swap thriller with a spiritual backdrop

'DHIMAHI', directed by Saahas Pagadala and Naveen Kante, is produced by Captain Cook Films. Virat Kapur and Saahas Pagadala are jointly bankrolling the film, head lined by Saahas and Nikitha Chopra. Sharon Raavi is its music director.

Having completed its production and post-production activities, the film is gearing up for release in theatres. Its First Look poster was released today. "It's a fight between good versus bad. They are going to come back with rage to take revenge! When God gives a chance in life to bring everything back to normal," the makers wrote, releasing the poster, on which the verse 'Jaya Jaya Hai Mahishasura Mardhini' is mentioned.

Swapping of souls is central to the story of this compelling thriller.

The makers described 'Dhimahi' as a novel film. Saahas has previously acted in the new-age thriller '7:11 PM'.

Plans are afoot to release the songs on Zee Music. "We are currently working on censor formalities. 'Dhimahi' is very novel. The trailer, to be released soon, is going to be loved by one and all. An ideal release date will be finalized and made official soon," the makers said.


Saahas Pagadala, Nikitha Chopra, Virat Kapur, JD Cherukuru, Aashika, Sreejith, Gangadharan, Saujanya Kasina, Vamsi Davuluri and others.


Editor: Santosh Kamireddy

Cinematographer: Rah Sharma

Music Director: Sharon Raavi

Executive Producer: Chaitanya Padigala

Co-Producers: MS Karthik, Sridhar Reddy Guda

Directors: Saahas Pagadala, Naveen Kante

Producers: Virat Kapur, Saahas Pagadala

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