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Ashwin Babu #AB8 Titled Vachinavadu Goutham

 Ashwin Babu, Mamidala M R Krishna, Aluri Suresh, Shanmukha Pictures #AB8 Titled Vachinavadu Goutham

The very talented hero Ashwin Babu who stunned one and all with his spectacular and action-packed performance in the unique thriller Hidimbha is now gearing up for another exciting film. Ashwin Babu’s 8th movie #AB8 has been announced today with Mamidala M R Krishna helming it. To be produced by Aluri Suresh on Shanmukha Pictures, Aluri Harshavardhan Chowdary proudly presents the movie.

Billed to be a medico thriller, the makers on the occasion of Ashwin Babu’s birthday announced the film’s title as Vachinavadu Goutham. The intriguing title poster shows the hand of the protagonist holding a stethoscope. His face is covered by the hand and there’s blood dripping from the hand.

Ashwin Babu undergoes a physical transformation for the movie that will have some twists and turns in the narrative. Gowra Hari helms the music, while Shyam K Naidu will crank the camera. Prawin Pudi is the editor. Ram-Lakshman duo will take care of fights and Abburi Ravi is the dialogue writer.

The film’s heroine and other details will be revealed soon.

Cast: Ashwin Babu

Technical Crew:

Writer, Director: Mamidala M R Krishna

Producer: Aluri Suresh

Banner: Shanmukha Pictures

Presents: Aluri Harshavardhan Chowdary

DOP: Shyam K Naidu

Music: Gowra Hari

Editing: Prawin Pudi

Fights: Ram - Lakshman

Dialogues: Abburi Ravi

Lyrics: Bhaskra Bhatla - Srimani

Publicity: Anil & Bhanu

PRO: Vamsi – Shekar

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