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The Siren Hero Praveer Shetty, Steals the Spotlight in Pan-India Movie 'Engagement'

 The Siren Hero Praveer Shetty, Steals the Spotlight in Pan-India Movie 'Engagement'

Praveer Shetty, The Siren Hero is All Set To Lead the Pan India Movie ‘Engagement’

Pan India Movie "Engagement” is all set to captivate audiences with a thrilling cinematic experience that transcends language barriers. The film features the talented and charismatic actor Praveer Shetty in the lead role, marking his debut as a hero in the Telugu film industry. Praveer Shetty, who recently made a remarkable entry as a hero in the Kannada film "Siren," has garnered immense following from the audience with his exceptional acting skills. With the Pan India Movie "Engagement” he wants to showcase his extra exceptional acting skills and talent to the Telugu cinema enthusiasts. 

The Pan India movie ‘Engagement’ is going to be made with a huge budget of 8 crores.

The film "Engagement" is currently in the pre-production phase. The entire pre-production work will be completed by the end of July and the film will go up on sets in the first week of August. Renowned director Raaju Bonagaani, known for his film "Rev Party," which is in post-production work, is helming this ambitious project. Jayaram Devasamudra, the esteemed producer known for his extensive filmmaking expertise, has infused the movie with high production values, shooting in picturesque locations such as Kashmir, Darjeeling, Kodaikanal, Udaipur, and Goa.

Adding to the film's allure, the beautiful Aishwarya Gowdaa joins Praveer Shetty as the lead actress in "Engagement." Aishwarya, who has garnered a significant fan following with her stellar performances in the Kannada film "Praveena," has been paired opposite Praveer Shetty, creating an enchanting on-screen duo. The film will release in multiple languages, including Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam, catering to a diverse audience across the country. Venkat Mannam is the cinematographer of the movie 'Engagement', Dilip Bandari is the music director and Ravi K is the editor.

"Engagement" promises to be an enthralling youth-centric love entertainer with an intriguing storyline. The film will going to mark as a significant milestone as a Pan India Movies, who have consistently delivered engaging and diverse content across multiple languages.

Actors: Praveer Shetty, Aishwarya Gowdaa and others

*Technical experts*

Banner: Rhodium Entertainments in association with Suram Movies

Director: Raaju Bonagaani

Producer: Jayaram Devasamudra

Co Producer: Narayanaswamy S

DOP: Venkat Mannam

Music: Dilip Bandari

Editor: Ravi.K

Co-Director: Nagaraju. D

Choreographer: Raju Pyde

Fighter: Dragon Prakash

Art: Venkat Aare

Designer: Lucky

PRO: Harish, Dinesh

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