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Prajakavi Kaloji' biopic directed by Prabhakar Jaini on September 9

 Prajakavi Kaloji' biopic directed by Prabhakar Jaini on September 9!

Director Prabhakar Jaini is unveiling the life of Telangana's popular poet and freedom fighter Kaloji Narayana Rao on the silver screen. In the past, 'Amma! Salute to you!' , 'Campus Ampasaiah', 'Pranaya Veedhullo'... Currently, he is busy working on the biopic of Swathi weekly Vemuri Balaram. Kaloji Narayana Rao's biopic 'Prajakavi Kaloji' has been completed.

'Prajakavi Kaloji' is being produced by Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Jaini under the banner of Jaini Creations. In the title role, Moolavirat plays Kaloji. Kaloji Narayana Rao played the role of wife Padma, son Raj Kumar and daughter-in-law Swapna. The director and producers revealed that they are preparing to release the film on September 9.

While preparing for the release of the film, Prabhakar Jaini said, "Many people have said that when they saw Moolavirat, Kaloji really came to them. The comparisons are so striking. All who saw Kaloji's family members felt as if Kaloji himself had come alive and was walking in front of their eyes. We shot this movie in the places where Kaloji lived and visited. We shot in Warangal, Karimnagar and Hyderabad. We did a scene in Visakhapatnam. The scenes of Sri Sri, Kaloji and Rameswara Rao together, and the scenes of Kaloji at Krishnabayamma's house in Visakha were amazing. We shot some scenes in Amruthalata's house. We shot the scenes in the house where Kaloji lived. We used Kaloji's spectacles and hand stick with the permission of his family members.

A professional life is an endless journey. He has many friends in both states. Reading their biographies and hearing from their close friends, we got enough content for ten movies. To condense it into one movie is almost impossible. Therefore, taking as an example only a few scenes that reveal Kaloji's excellence, Kaloji's personality... I wrote the story inspired by their life.

Many directors have tried to make a film on Kaloji's life and have given up due to various reasons. No organization or government helped this film. After two years of research, I finalized the story, created the events and wrote the screenplay. This is not a regular movie... a life! Many celebrities have said that making such a great film is an adventure. We are rapidly completing the work to release the film on September 9. I hope that the film will come as per the expectations of the audience and with the blessings of God, it will be well received by the audience. There are four songs in this film. One was sung by MLA Goreti Venkanna, two by Vandemataram Srinivas, one by Malavika and Bhudevi. In these songs we have got the gist of Kaloji's poems. The songs give this film a new dimension," he said.

Potlapalli Srinivasa Rao, Nagilla Ramasastri, Vidyarthi, Ampasaiah Naveen, Dr. V.Y.S. Reddy, Anwar and others who have been closely associated with Kaloji for a long time have acted in their roles in this movie. Their brother, PV Manohar Rao played the role of PV Narasimha Rao. Many new and local actors like noted poet Tummuri Rammohan Rao, Vaibhav Surya, Shankar, Mallikarjun, Priya, Radhika, Naresh, Rajani, Devender Reddy, Lawyer Chauhan have acted in other roles. YSR Sharma, Chief Editor of Andhra Prabha, played the role of Zamindar.

'Prajakavi Kaloji' Editing: Kondaveeti Ravi Kumar, Cameraman: Swargiya Ravi Kumar Neerla, Lyrics: Bikki Krishna, Music: Y.S. Atreya, Banner: Jaini Creations, Producer: Vijayalakshmi Jaini, Story, Lyrics, Screenplay, Direction: Prabhakar Jaini.

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