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"Mayabazaar For Sale" Trailer Launched

 Trailer Of ZEE 5' Brand New Web Series 'Maya Bazaar For Sale' Offers An Entertaining & Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

We must treat our neighbors with respect and compassion. Then only they will stand for us during our difficult times. Neighbors mean the family living in our adjacent house, our next street, a nearby town, and so on. But, in the time of urbanization, and changing traditional values, the meaning and the way of treating our neighbors have changed. People living in metro cities like Hyderabad, lead a busy life of their own. They don't even bother about who is living beside them. Knowing and Interacting with neighbors can only be seen in gated communities and apartments.

A gated community has families with different customs and mentalities. Their behavior has its patterns. Even some of them look awkward too. 'Maya Bazaar For Sale' is a web series made about a gated community with a diversified environment. The top web platform, ZEE 5 which has been constantly and consistently delivering unique content is bringing this series to streaming from 14th July.

Along with ZEE 5, Rana Daggubati's Spirit Media, Mirage Media Banners and Producer Rajeev Ranjan jointly backed 'Maya Bazaar For Sale'. The trailer of the web series is unveiled. Gautami Challagulla has directed it.


Mayabazaar Trailer


Dr. Naresh VK, Navdeep, Jhansi, Eesha Rebba, Meiyang Chang, Kota Srinivasarao, Sunaina, Hari Teja, Raja Chembolu, Ravi Varma and others played main roles in 'Maya Bazaar For Sale' web series. Going by the trailer, the series explores the behavioural patterns of various families in a gated community, 'Maya Bazaar' in a hilarious manner. Some raise cats, while some raise cows. A lady in one family constantly fights with her husband. Some behave in over perfectionism manner. Their gated community is built over an illegal land. This resulted in government order to demolish the gated community and send bulldozers to ground the houses. What happens then. Did they managed to save their community? To know answers we have to wait till July 14th.

About ZEE5:

ZEE5 has been relentlessly dishing out a wide variety of content in various formats in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and other languages. ZEE5 has made a name for itself nationwide as a prominent streaming platform since its inception. After presenting the comedy-drama 'Oka Chinna Family Story' from Pink Elephant Pictures, 'Loser 2' from Annapurna Studios stable, 'Gaalivaana' from BBC Studios and NorthStar Entertainment, 'Recce', 'Hello World', 'Maa Neella Tank', 'Aha Naa Pellanta', 'ATM', 'Puli-Meka', 'Vyavastha' and 'Vimanam' this year. Now, 'Maya Bazaar for Sale' joins the list.

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