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Krg Studios And Tvf Motion Pictures Announce Their Collaboration In Feature Films


Two pioneering studios to come together with a focus on multiple features in South Indian languages


On the occasion of their 6th anniversary, KRG Studios announced their collaboration with TVF Motion Pictures in the arena of feature films with a specific focus on South Indian regional languages. Through this partnership, they will jointly identify, develop, package and execute films that reflect the unique storytelling traits and values of both studios.

KRG Studios is deeply committed to covering the entire spectrum of filmmaking right from the creative development of stories, its execution and presentation to audiences everywhere. The goal is to encourage new voices, fresh and diverse storytelling and deep, meaningful alliances. Karthik Gowda, founder, KRG Studios said “6 years ago, we started KRG with the intention of contributing meaningfully to Kannada and other regional language cinema by relentlessly focusing on story development, high quality execution and wide distribution. Our endeavor has always been to encourage diverse stories and storytellers and our collaboration with TVF – a pioneer and powerhouse in strong and unique character-based storytelling – is a testament to our shared vision. I want to thank Vijay Subramaniam, a veteran in Media and Entertainment, who championed the cause and committed to being a part of this journey together.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Arunabh Kumar, Founder, TVF says,” Continuing with the spirit of Lights, Camera, Experiment, and telling stories from across India, we are proud to partner with Studio behind Films such as Ratnan Prapancha, Gurudev Hoysala, etc. to make movies in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and learn from their craft & team to tell more diverse stories.”

 Vijay Koshy, President, TVF, highlights, "At TVF, we have always believed in delivering pioneering stories with realistic narratives that strike a chord with viewers everywhere. Today, we are excited as we join hands with KRG, known for their exceptional storytelling that transcends regional boundaries and achieves pan-India success. In KRG, we have discovered a shared creative DNA that has drawn us together. This collaboration promises fresh, original stories, tailor-made for our diverse audiences. 

About TVF: Since it’s inception, and through its 10 years of existence, TVF along with founder Arunabh Kumar, has been creating content that is original. TVF has broken many stereotypes and connects with millions of people, making the content ‘viral’-friendly for an entertainment-consuming younger generation of Indians. Even with the onset of multiple media outlets and production houses years later, TVF continues to be one of the most consistent pioneers to provide quality web content in India, that entertains the entire family. 

About KRG – started on this day six years ago, KRG and its founder Karthik Gowda alongwith longtime ally Yogi G Raj, committed to bringing great stories to Kannada audiences first. As life would have it, KRG soon found itself front and centre of some of the biggest stories ever told. With that in mind, they embarked on a journey of content creation, starting with Kannada and with the goal of being a premier local storyteller, enabler and provider. 

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