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'Ghantsala the Great' biopic release in December

'Ghantsala the Great' biopic release in December

The movie 'Ghantasala the Great' is based on the life story of immortal singer Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao. Young singer Krishna Chaitanya plays the title role and Mridula plays his wife Savitri. The film was released under the banner of Anyuktaram Productions, produced by Mrs. Phani and directed by singer GV Bhaskar. The compiler of 'Ghantasala Patashala' is CH. Directed by Rama Rao. After completing the shooting and other activities, this film is getting ready for release in December. On this occasion, the poster of this film was presented at Film Chamber by the famous producer C. Kalyan unveiled.

Famous Producer C. Kalyan said, "The sound of bells makes all of us happy. His name remained as our Naranara. With the story of such a great person, director Rama Rao made this attempt with his admiration for Ghantasalagari. Producers have contributed well to this endeavour. On behalf of the film industry, the audience is requested to make this movie a superhit to show our love for Ghantasala. I hope that singer Krishna Chaitanya, who played the title role, will have a good future.

Telugu Film Producers Council President K.L. Damodar Prasad said, "A lot of biopics are coming lately. The original one should be taken by Ghantasala. Good effort though late. It is very necessary for this generation to inform the history," he said.

Treasurer of Producers' Council Tummalapally Ramasatyanarayana said, "Making a film is very difficult. A biopic is very difficult. The memories of that time should be screened very carefully. Rama Raogaru did hundred percent justice in that matter. I also played a good role in this film. This is a movie for all of us. Film Industry Film Exhibitors and Distributors should cooperate by giving good maximum number of theaters. We will also provide assistance in that direction," he said.

Prasanna Kumar, Secretary of Producers' Council said, "Ghantasalgari's song will be remembered forever as long as the earth and sky exist. Even though he is not physically present, his songs continue to resonate throughout the world. It is our responsibility to tell his history to future generations. It is the responsibility of governments to keep his history as syllabus in books. Ghantasala has a lot of recognition to get,'' he said.

Krishna Chaitanya, who played the role of Ghantasala, said, "I feel lucky to play the role of Ghantasala as a singer. The world knows him as a singer. He said that there are many things that are not known about him in this film.

Film production chief G.V. Bhaskar said, "In 2018, the teaser of this movie was released by S.P. Balugari and we gained a lot of fame. Later there were minor legal problems with the Ghantasala family due to various reasons. All that is gone now and he is getting good support from his family. The contribution of Lakshmi Prasad and Madhavpeddi Sureshgaru in this movie is unforgettable. We will start the promotion soon and release the film," he said.

Lakshmi Prasad, presenter of the film said, "Ghantasalagari has fans all over the world. This movie will reach the masses on a large scale. There is no doubt about the success of this movie. The film got delayed due to legal issues. Now there are no such problems," he said.

Film director CH Rama Rao said, "This is my first film as a director. I am lucky to get a chance to make a film on the life story of Ghantasala, whom I admire. His name is a song that comes to mind. Mahagayakulu means Annamayya, Ramadasa, a bell tower. Raghavendra Rao made films on Annamayya and Ramadas. I got an opportunity to make a film on the third Vika Ghantasalagari. Everyone likes Ghantasala song but not many people know how much he worked hard for that song. We will show many such things in this film. He is a much better person than a singer. As much as he struggled with life.. I too struggled in the journey of this film. With the efforts of all our team, we have reached the release of the film. We want to release the film in December. SP Balugaru said that Krishna Chaitanya was fit as a bellman. We feel that is our first success.''

Directors Babji, Balaji Karri and others participated in this program. He wished the film to be successful.

Krishna Chaitanya, Mridula, Suman, Subbaraya Sharma, Dixit Master, J.K. Bharavi, Ashok Kumar, Master Atulith (Chinna Ghantasala), Sai Kiran, Ananth, Gundu Sudarshan, GV Bhaskar, Dixitulu,

Jayavani is the lead actress in this movie.

Visual effects for this film: Shyam Kumar. P Music: Saluri Vasurao, Camera: Venu Muralidhar. V, Editing: Kranti (RK), Art: Nani, Co-Producer: G.V. Bhaskar, Music: Vasurao Saluri, Production: Anyukt Ram Pictures, Producer: Smt Phani, Written - Directed: CH. Rama Rao.


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