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Explosive BIG DADDY From GHOST Unveiled

 Explosive BIG DADDY From Karunada Chakravarthy Shiva Rajkumar's High Octane Action Spectacle GHOST Unveiled

Karunada Chakravarthy Shiva Rajkumar's maiden Pan India Film 'Ghost' is made as a high octane action spectacle. Srini who has carved a niche for himself with Blockbuster Films like 'Birbal' is Directing this prestigious project. Popular politician and Producer Sandesh Nagraj has bankrolled this big budgeted project under his Sandesh Productions. The film hopes to push the boundaries of entertainment and here is the  BIG DADDY teaser from the world of "GHOST", on the occasion of Shiva Rajkumar's Birthday on 12th July.

The teaser opens with an abandoned building which is surrounded by henchmen to catch someone in the building. In the background a voice has been talking to those men about how dangerous he is and to be careful. Then appears Shiva Rajkumar having his drink and smoke besides a campfire. He is waiting for them indeed. Shiva Rajkumar is having alcohol puri instead of pani puri will surely catch your attention. When that place is swarmed up in no time with armoured men aiming guns towards him. Shivanna without losing his cool simply throws his peg to his back on to a cover. Then he lit up that cover which is soaked in alcohol by throwing a cigarette. While it was burning he takes another one and lit up with fire from the camp fire. Then it was revealed that after the cover was burnt, it is BIG DADDY behind Shiva Rajkumar a heavy war tanker.  All this intense encounter is elevating to next level with terrific background score. The teaser concluded with a dialogue, " I have scared more people with my eyes than you can ever scare with your guns. They Call Me OG... Original Gangster".

The teaser is top class with pulsating music from Arjun Janya and picture perfect lighting for an action flick from cinematographer Mahendra Simha. Director Srini's vision in revealing the Big Daddy, The Tanker shows the scale of the film. The team wishes Karunada Chakravarthy Shiva Rajkumar a very Happy Birthday and announces that the Fireworks Begin from Dasara announcing the release of the film this Dasara in multiple languages. 

GHOST is an action packed heist thriller, directed by Srini, tells the story of one man's quest for justice. This film also offers a link to the second installment of "Birbal Trilogy", the director's awaited legal thriller. Powerhouse talents such as Dr Shivarajkumar , Anupam Kher , Jayaram , Prashanth Narayan , Archana Jois , Satyaprakash and Dattanna are part of the film's main cast. Arjun Janya's striking background scores and cinematographer Mahendra Simha's captivating visuals promise to take the film a notch higher. Dialogues by Maasti and Prasanna VM. Production Design is by Mohan B Kere. PRO, BA Raju's Team will be doing Telugu version PR work. 'Ghost' will be released in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam languages this Dasara. 

Cast : Shivarajkumar, Anupam Kher , Jayaram , Prashanth Narayan , Archana Jois , Satyaprakash, Dattanna and others

Production house: Sandesh Productions (31st Movie)

Presented by: Sandesh Nagaraj (MLC)

Producer: Sandesh N 

Story & Direction : Srini

Music: Arjun Janya

Cinematography: Mahendra Simha

Dialogues: Prasanna VM,Maasti

Action choreography- Chethan D'Souza , Venkat(Hyderabad) , Arjun Raaj, Mass Madha

Editing: Deepu S Kumar

Production Design: Mohan B Kere

VFX Supervision- Mohammad Abdi

VFX: Asoo Studios(Tehran)

Colorist: Amir Valikhani

DI Studio: Future Age studio 

Sound Effects: Rajan

DTS Final Mixing: Manjari Studios

Post Production: PRK Studios

Co-Direction: Amoghavarsha, Prasanna V M

Direction Team: Kiran Jinkal, Srinivas HV  and Manju HG

Drone Camera : Raj Mohan

Camera Team: Manu Prasad , Suresh  and Nivas

Associate Editor: Mahesh

Online Editing: Charan

Additional BGM Inputs: Agastya Raag

Costumes: Shantaram,Bharath Sagar(Shivarajkumar)

Makeup : Chidanand(Prosthetic); Honne Gowdru

Manager:Suresh K Mysore

Assistant Managers: Rakesh Rao, Karthik NK

Cashier:Prasad BN

Publicity Design: Kaani Studios

PROs: Venkatesh and BA Raju & Team

Digital PROs - Sebatina, Satish

In-film branding: Archana Dinesh

Marketing - Shruti iL, Santosh Nandakumar,Nisha Kumar,Raghavan Lakshman

Digital Marketing - SIL Studios

BigDaddy Teaser Music Credits:

Music Programming : Arjun Janya, Roopesh and Nishan 

Saz live : David Selvam 

Mixing and Mastered : David Selvam

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