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Baby is a love story with a fresh approach: Hero Viraj Ashwin

 Baby is a love story with a fresh approach: Hero Viraj Ashwin

Movie Baby starring Anand Deverakonda, Viraj Ashwin and Vaishnavi Chaitanya. Baby is coming under the direction of Sai Rajesh, who produced the National Award winning film Color Photo. It is known that the teaser and songs released from this feel good love story are already super hits. The film is going to release on July 14. In this background, hero Viraj Ashwin has revealed his role in the film

- My character's name in this film is Viraj. I'm excited to be playing a character with my real name for the first time. Anand, Vaishnavi, and my character are all quite natural in this film. They act as if they are connected to the real world. I'm portraying a young and energetic college student. A boy who knows nothing about life.  

- Talking about Baby, filmmaker Sai Rajesh has taken his time. Each character has a backstory. I comprehended why my character acted the way he did, and acting became easy. The trailer of our movie also got a good response and the dialogues are a special attraction in the movie Baby.

- The cinematography of MN Bal Reddy gives the film an special tone. In whatever situation, there is visual beauty, and a new colour appears. Vijay Bulganin's music is also noteworthy. The precise editing added to the film's sharpness. Baby was edited in a sharp and appealing manner.

- Among my films, this is the film that is getting a proper theatrical release. The story has a great scope for each character and acting potential. The scope of acting is also good for my character.

- As you see in the trailer, a school girl loves Anand during school days. Then, I will love her in college. The story and the characters are the hero for this movie, each character has that special heroism angle. Our film has many heroes.

- Vaishnavi acted very well in her character. She has acting experience in OTTs. However, she carried such a big film on her shoulders. Because the whole movie is related around her. Vaishnavi is perfect choice as the heroine for our movie Baby.

- Whether rich or poor, there is a rebel in students during college days. They have the feeling that the world is mine. I relate to the feeling. Love is shown through pain in this movie. That's why I think this is an emotional love story.

- Compared to the love stories I've seen, I think this is a fresh approach to a love story. Triangle love story is not regular and routine. Every technician has presented the story of the film as well as it should. SKN seems like a perfect producer.

- I am selecting movies with good concept. Currently I am doing a movie called Maricheeka. There are some other interesting projects.

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