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"The Trial" Movie’s Teaser Grandly Launched

 "The Trial" Movie’s Teaser Grandly Launched

The tease for The Trial film was unveiled a short while back.

Speaking on the occasion, the director Ram Gani, said “this is a new age film. We held many workshops through the course of the pre production. The audience will be thriller while watching it.

Srikanth Vissa said “the teaser garnered a great response and the film will also strike a chord. We are working one something striking and dynamic.”

Raghu Kunche “I could see that the teaser itself is very striking. There’s great technical finesse in the film and you’ll enjoy it on the big screens. Wishing the best for the entire team.

Actor Mahesh said “I’ve never heard such a concept film till now. Thanking the producers for their efforts in making the film. I hope there’s a sequel for this film and I get a role in it.”

Palasa fame Rakshit said “I feel like this is my own event. The whole cast and crew are close to me. I hope this film delivers great success to everyone involved.”

Hero Yug Ram said “you won’t feel like you’re watching a small film while watching this. It has been made with so much heart and effort.”

Heroine Spandana said “this is a lady oriented film and it’s going to be an enthralling thriller.”

Producer Satish Varma said “I’d like to thank everyone for Somu g out to support and encourage our film. This film is going to be a special one and you’re going to love watching it in theaters.”

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