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TFCC Nandi Awards Invitation brochure launched by Actor Ali

 TFCC Nandi Awards  Invitation brochure launched by Actor Ali

It is known to all of us that the 'TFCC Nandi Awards South India 2023' celebrations will be grandly organized on August 12 at the World Trade Center in Dubai in the presence of 13 jury members under the auspices of the 'Telangana Film Chambers of Commerce' with the support of the two Telugu states' governments. Recently, this Nandi Awards invitation brochure was released in a grand manner at the Film Chamber in Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh Electronic Media Adviser, Actor Ali, Producer Council Secretary Prasanna Kumar participated as Chief Guests and released TFCC Nandi Awards Invitation Brochure. Writer Mittapalli Surender, Palle Laxman Goud, artist Jyoti Reddy, heroine Bhavyashree, Koteswara Rao, Radhakrishna, B. Srinivas Goud, Raj, Prem, Srisailam, Vahid, producer Sudhakar and others participated in this program. In the press conference organized afterwards

TFCC Chairman Dr. Pratani Ramakrishna Goud said..I am very happy to be doing this program with the cooperation of both governments after almost 6, 7 years. He said that the Telangana government will come forward and do some sponsoring. Also hope to get cooperation from Andhra Pradesh too. On August 12, 75 lakhs rent was paid to organize the grand event at the World Trade Center in Dubai. Film and political celebrities from two Telugu states will attend the Nandi Awards. Also Kerala C.Yam will also come. And apart from many heroes from the South industry, many celebrities from Bollywood also come. They accuse me of taking money from some people for the program I am doing voluntarily without expecting anything with the intention of promoting Telugu artistes. I work honestly without taking money from anyone. Even going to Dubai, I bought my own ticket. Prove that I took it from someone. I am doing this program at my own expense. Not a person who does harm to anyone. If anyone has doubts ask openly. I will answer them too. Entries are coming from present movies for these awards. Movies of December 2019 can also be an entry. The entries received till June 15th will be selected as per the decision of the Ju8 Committee. We will work together with all the producers including Telangana and Andhra. He said that the Nandi Awards will continue every year in Dubai and there is no stopping it.

Actor Ali said.. Nandi Awards have been there since 1964. Nandi Award is every artist's dream, thanks to Prathani Ramakrishna Goud who is re-starting Nandi Awards which was stopped after 7 years. Also giving memorial awards in the name of senior actors is something to be happy about. It is a great thing that movie and political personalities from South India as well as two Telugu states and Kunda Jitender, Jackie Sharaf and others from Bollywood are coming. My congratulations to Pratani Ramakrishna Goud for doing such a good job.

Prasanna Kumar said. Art has no distinctions like caste, creed, race, region. Awards are being held in all languages under the name of Edo to encourage artists. But it is unfortunate that it is not happening only in our Telugu states. Nandi Award is a prestigious award for our Telugu artistes, but it is very happy that Pratani Ramakrishna Garu is doing it again with the cooperation of two governments. It is not the right way to come forward to promote Telugu artistes and blame him who is doing good work. If you are interested in doing it, come forward, we will cooperate, but we will not do it, we will not let those who do it. Therefore, without hindering those who are doing good for our industry, I would like to help people like Ramakrishna Goud, who are doing good and not throwing mud on those who are doing good, he said.

Writer Mittapalli Surender said... Nandi Award is a prestige. Earlier I got Nandi Award. Awards always fill us with enthusiasm and now Ramakrishna Goud has come forward and said that I sincerely wish this Nandi Award function to be a success.

Heroine Bhavyashree said.. Thanks to the adults who invited to TFCC Nandi Awards invitation brochure launch to be held in Dubai on August 12. He said that he sincerely wishes for the success of this Nandi Awards program initiated by Mr. Ramakrishna Goud.

TFCC Vice Chairman Lions Club Governor Koteswara Rao said... Our support will always be with Ramakrishna who has a very good idea of giving the Nandi Awards which have been stopped for the past few years.

Artist Jyoti Reddy said.. I am very happy to have such a good celebration after so many days. Now Ramakrishna Goud has come forward and said that he is confident that he will make this Nandi Award function a success.

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