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TFCC Nandi Awards in Dubai on 12th August !

 TFCC Nandi Awards in Dubai on 12th August !!

In the presence of 13 jury members, ``TFCC Nandi Awards South India 2023'' is being organized on August 12 at the World Trade Center in Dubai under the auspices of the Telangana Film Chambers of Commerce with the support of the two Telugu states. However, a press conference was organized on the occasion of selecting 13 jury members. B. Gopal, Murali Mohan, Suman, Shivaji Raja, Relangi Narasimha Rao, Roja Ramani, Journalist Prabhu and others participated in this program as chief guests and said that the TFCC Nandi Awards to be held in Dubai on August 12 should be a success. On this occasion

TIEF CC Chairman Dr. Pratani Ramakrishna Goud said.. Films released in the year 2021 and 22 can apply on the TFCC website. So the last date is June 15. We will announce the awards to those who think they are deserving after seeing the pictures of the committee members who have been formed with celebrities. Minister Srinivas Goud signed the letter related to Nandi Awards from Telangana Government. The government will also sponsor.They said they will do it. We are also playing the Andhra government. We are going to take their cooperation soon. On August 12, we will give the Nandi Awards at the hands of the Prince of Dubai. Tourism Minister Srinivas Goud, Cinematography Minister Thalasani Srinivas Yadav, Industrial Chairman Bala Mallu, Y.D. C. Chairman Anil Kurmachalam, Medak MP Kotha Prabhakar, Cinematography Minister Gopalakrishna from AP, Hosing Minister Jogi Ramesh, MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Kerala C. Inviting Yam too. happened Karnataka is LA Madhu Bangarappa, four heroes are coming from Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam while many heroes are coming from Telugu. Telugu Producers Council Secretary Prasanna Kumar and others are coming as guests. With the cooperation of all of them, we are going to celebrate TFCC Nandi Awards South India 2023 for the first time after 6 years. I thank all the jury members for their full cooperation.

Famous director B. Gopal said that our support will always be to Ramakrishna who is doing the very good idea of ​​giving the Nandi Awards which has been stopped for the past few years.

Murali Mohan Garu said.. Nandi Award is a prestigious award. It is a great pleasure that Pratani Ramakrishna is doing the Nandi Awards again with the cooperation of the two governments. I was asked to be the chairman but I will be a jury member and support. He said that just as Telangana government has taken cooperation, Andhra government should also take cooperation.

Actor Suman said.. Nandi Award means a prestige. I got Nandi Award in the past. Telangana Government gave Nandi Award in the past so now Ramakrishna Goud also came forward and said that he will succeed in this Nandi Award function.

Roja Ramani said that it is great to give a memorial award in the name of big people like NTR and ANnar. He said that it is great that he has a good idea that no one else has come up with. I congratulate him for doing such a good job.

Journalist Prabhu said.. I am very happy to have such a good celebration after many days. He said that he will also have media support

Shivaji Raja said.. It is a great thing to honor senior actors and give a memorial award in their name. Ramakrishna Goud, who is doing such good work along with Nandi Awards, said that we will always have our support

Telugu Film Chamber Secretary Prasanna Kumar said... ``Nandi Awards have not been given for several years. It is a matter of appreciation for Pratani garu to come forward and give TIEF CC Nandi Awards again to encourage the artists. Awards always excite us. He said that we will give our full support to Ramakrishna who is doing such a good idea

Miss Asia Rashmi Tagore said.. I am very happy to have everyone's support from the industry for our event which is being held in Dubai in a very grand manner after seven years. I am very happy to be a part of such an event.

 Nandi Award Committed Members.

1. Mr. Murali Mohan,

2. Suman

3.T..Prasanna Kumar

4. Yes. V. Krishna Reddy

5. Roja Ramani

6. Shivajiraja

7.B. Gopal

8. Vijayendra Prasad

9. Madala Ravi

10. Mittapalli Surendra

11. Relangi Narasimha Rao

12.MV Radhakrishna

13. Senthil

14. Journalist Prabhu

15. Shekhar Mashtar


In this ceremony for those selected by the jury members





Awards will be given.

 Award categories

Best Feature Film

Best Actor

Best Actress

The best villain

Best Director

The best D.O.P

Best Music Director Best Dance Director

Best writer

 Special awards

NTR Memorial Award ANR Memorial Award Superstar Krishna Memorial Award Rebel Star Krishnam Raju Memorial Award Allu Ramalingaiah Memorial Award Director Ratna Dasari Narayana Rao Memorial Award Kantha Rao Memorial Award

 Debut Awards

Best New Director Best Debut Actor Male

Best Debut Actor Female

Best debut villain

Best Debut Music Director

 *Other awards* 

TV Anchors, Male & Female News & Entertainment 10- Awards Film Journalists Awards

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