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Jaitra In Theaters from May 26th.

 Jaitra In Theaters from May 26th. 

'Jaitra' is an upcoming movie starring Sunny Naveen and Rohini Rachel in the lead. Thota Mallikharjuna is its director. Produced by Allam Subash, its release date has been locked.

'Jaitra' will hit the cinemas on May 26th.

Set in a Rayalaseema village, the entertainer tells the story of a well-off person.

The film also features Sunny Naveen, Rohini rechal,  Vamsi Nekkanti, Sunitha Manohar and others. The cinematography is by Mohan Chary. The music is by Phani Kalyan, Editing by viplav.

Artist: Sunny Naveen, Rohini rechal, vamsi nekkanti, sunitha manohar 


Cameramen: Mohan chari 

Songs: Kittu vissapragada 

Music: Phani kalyan 

Editor: Viplav

Direction: Totha Mallikarjun

Producer: Allam Subhash 

PRO: Sreedhar

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