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Interesting First Glimpse of Happy Ending Is Here

 Featuring young actors Yash Puri, Apoorva Rao in lead roles and other noted actors in supportive roles. Its an Urban coming-of-age film titled Happy Ending which is heading for it’s release soon.

As a mark of the commencement of the promotional campaign, the makers have unveiled the first looks poster of the film and it looks whacky and interesting.

The poster catches the attention right away with its stylish appearance. The lead character, Yash is introduced through the same and his youthful vibe adds to the aesthetics.

In the poster, we see Yash seated in the foreground with a lord Ganapathi photo in the background. There are also other depictions of Hindu gods in the background. The tagline reads "Enti, Baba Saapam ichada ?!" generates curiosity as well.

The film is directed by Kowshik Bheemidi and produced by  Hamstech Films & Silly Monks. The makers will be dropping more promotional material in the days to follow.

Happy Ending Movie *ing  Yash Puri, Apoorva Rao, Ajay Ghosh, Vishnu Oi, Jhansi, Anitha Chowdhary, Harsh Roshan, Jiya Sharma,

Directed by Kowshik Bheemidi

Produced by Hamstech Films & Silly Monks Studios

Producer: Yogesh Kumar, Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala

Music: Ravi Nidamarthy

DOP: Ashok Seepally

Editor: Pradeep R Moram

Screenplay Writer: Naga Sai

Production Designer: Arvind mule

Line Producer : Prasad Billakurthi

Lyricist : Lakshmi Priyanka

Sr Costume assistant: Bharathi kokane

Executive Producer: Kiran Ramanujam

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