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Farhana has zero controversies

 Farhana has zero controversies, Dont spread rumours - Crew meets the press and clarifies

More films that talk about the Islamic families should come in Tamil: Poet Manushiyaputhiran on Farhana

The makers of Farhana has said that there is nothing controversial in their movie.

Farhana is produced by Dreamwarrior Pictures, which has produced quality blockbusters like Aruvi, Joker, Theeran Adhigaram Ondru and Kaithi. Farhana has released in theaters on May 12. The film has received a unanimous response from the fans and critics alike.

Aishwarya Rajesh plays the titular role, while Jitan Ramesh, Kitty, Selvaragavan, Anumol, Aishwarya Dutta have played vital supporting roles. Director of the hit films like Monster and Oru Naal Koothu, Nelson, has helmed Farhana. 

After the film's release, very few organizations have opposed the film by creating unnecessary hoaxes that Farhana has controversial views against the Islamic community. In a theater in Tamil Nadu, Farhana's shows have been canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.  Then there are also false news reports that Farhana's shows have been cancelled in some more theatres across Tamilnadu.

So to clear the air over this issue, thea team behind Farhana organized a press meet in Chennai. Producer SR. Prabhu, Director Nelson and Poet Manushyaputhiran, who was part of the film's writers team, addressed the journalists.

Director Nelson said, "Yesterday just a show theater was canceled in one single theatre. But some news media has falsely spread that all shows were canceled all over Tamil Nadu. This is painful to me. Due to poor understanding, unnecessary controversies have been created which has affected me and the production side who are passionate about making quality films. 

Earlier, a senior director heard the story of this film and questioned me 'why this had to be about a woman from Islamic community?. I answered 'why not?, who else will take pictures of my brothers and sisters instead of me. Why should I hesitate to take pictures of them?' I see this as a starting point for a meaningful discussion.

Poet Manushyaputra is a Muslim, I am a Catholic Christian by birth and an atheist. The producer is a Hindu. The three of us have joined hands to created a film called Farhana. People who have seen the film have said that it gives a candid feel of witnessing a Muslim family's day to day life. I don't think I should have any reservations in mind to take a film like this.

But the unfortunate release time of this film, few other films released at the same time, and the negative comments for those film have affected my film too. I make a heartfelt appeal to my Muslim friends. Come and see my film. If there are flaws tell me, I will correct them. 

Writers who wish to write stories with Islamic background will also learn from this. I think this starting point of civil discussion is crucial for us. I think there should be films in Tamil that portray Muslim brothers properly. It is sad when all this is clouded by unwanted issues.

Non muslims who see the film should tell their muslim friendst that there is nothing wrong regarding the portrayal of Islamic community in the movie. A review has mentioned that Farhana is unique. So i request you to not paint my film differently, tell people that it is unique and it stands out from the other propaganda movies"

Producer S.R. Prabhu thanked the Tamil Nadu Police for the help and security provided after the controversies that surrounded the movie before its release. He also mentioned that the film had a smooth release in foreign countries and even in Muslim-majority countries.

Poet Manushyaputhiran said while answering questions from journalists:

“Any film is setup in some social, religious or caste background. What matters is how the film treats it. But threating a maker that one shouldnt take a film about a particular religious community is totally wrong. There have been many films in Malayalam with Islamic background. Is there any controversy? Controversy arises only when misrepresentation happens and the society is targeted with agenda. 

There have been countless films in Hindi too with Islamic backdrops. There should be many films about Islamic society and their lifestyle. They are very less in Tamil and i wish there are more in tamil. When a director and producer initiates to do that, I am afraid that spreading false propaganda against the film will cause a lot of damage and mindblock.

I constantly fight against the misrepresentation of islamic community and i have worked on Farhana. You must ponder why? the reason is because I think this is a film for Muslims. We should encourage such films. What will a future producer will think? He will decide that there should be no more Islamic background, let's show something in general, so that we wont face any issues. Does islamic community really need to confine themselves in to that kind of shell is what i wonder. 

Muslims have the same problems that all other people have. The problem that Muslims have is the same for other communities too. A cinema will only show that background, which is just a lifestyle. There is a difference between portraying a lifestyle as it is and creating false political propaganda. Farhana shows the former. One should only see what the reality is. We should not say that this lifestyle should not be talked about at all.

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