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Ex-servicemen laud Bharat American Creations multi-lingual film Bharateeeyans

 Ex-servicemen laud 

Bharat American Creations 

multi-lingual film Bharateeeyans

Popular writer Deena Raj, who had scripted blockbuster love stories such as Preminchukundam Raa and Kalisundam Raa, is making his directorial debut with a patriotic drama titled Bharateeyans. The film has newcomers Nirroze Putcha, Sonam Thendup, Subha Ranjan and Mahender Bargas as heroes, while Samaira Sandhu, Rajeswari Chakraborty and Peden Ongmu Namgyal are the leading ladies. Dr. Shankar Naidu Adusumilli, who is an NRI, has produced the movie under Bharat American Creations banner.

Bharateeeyans' team recently held a special screening of their film for several retired Indian Army personnel at the Prasad Labs Preview Theater. The army veterans heaped praises on the movie, which showcases the evil ploys of China. The veterans also emotionally recollected how they had served our nation by protecting the border amid severe adverse conditions.

Speaking after the special screening, producer Shankar Naidu said that he was surprised by the Censor panel's objection to the mentioning of the word China, the country which not only brutally killed several Indian Army soldiers but also posed a major threat to India's integrity and sovereignty. The producer further said that he is determined to go to any extent to oppose the Censor panel's objections. Director Deena Raj has said that he is overwhelmed by the unanimous applause his film has received from the Indian Army veterans.

One of Bharateeeyans' music composers Kapil Kumar, hero Nirroze Putcha's father Ramanamurthy, Retd. Indian Army soldiers Srinesh Kumar Nori, Captain Suresh Reddy and Rajender Reddy and others were present at the special screening. Bharateeeyans is gearing up for its theatrical release soon.

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Jaipal Reddy

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Dr. Shankar Naidu Adusumilli

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