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“Save The Tigers” from 27th April.

 Starring Priyadarshi -  Jordar Sujatha, Pavani - Abhinav Gomatam, Chaitanya Krishna - Devayani as the leading pairs, Disney+ Hotstar to stream a full-on entertaining series “Save The Tigers” from 27th April.

While the trailer has already got a crazy response from audiences, the hilarious Pre-Release event commenced in Hyderabad accelerated expectations on the film.

Speaking on the occasion, director Teja Kakumanu says “Everyone here knows me as an actor. I thank my directors for my acting opportunities and now I thank my actors for this direction opportunity. I started my career in the direction department and worked in all the films directed by Pradeep Advaitham Anna. He insisted that I direct this film with a story written by him. I’ll always be grateful to him. I also thank Mahi V Raghav garu for accepting my directorial debut. We have very talented actors and so it was easy to work with him. I thank my heroines Pavani, Jordar Sujatha, Devayani on this occasion. I specially thank all technicians of this film. It’s because of them I could finish it in a year, so effortlessly”

Cinematographer Vishweshwar says, “I have a long journey of friendship with Pradeep. Beyond our roles, we’re very good friends. We’ve faced many hurdles since we started the discussion of this project. We even faced budget issues yet we could make it this far to Hotstar. We enjoyed the shoot. I thank Pradeep, Mahi for the opportunity. Director Teja is like my brother and I thank him for believing in me”

Music Director Ajay says, “I have known Pradeep for a long while. I haven’t enjoyed scoring Background Music for this film like no other. I personally like Abhinav and Rohini track in this film”

Editor Shravan says, “I used to edit the content alone and laughed my heart out to every story. I personally like Darshi’s episodes from this series. Everyone can relate to the content and may also feel that it’s their biopic. I’m sure about its success”

Hero Chaitanya Krishna says “Whenever someone tells me a story, they just tell me the part of my role. But Pradeep sent me the entire script. I started loving it right from the first episode. It’s Top class writing. Women are the upper hand in every home today, they’re powerful in all ways. This series shows the drama very hilariously. Unlike other series that mostly get restricted to the thriller genre, this one’s a full-on entertainer.

Heroine Devayani says “I thank Pradeep and Mahi Raghav garu for the opportunity. I’m happy to work with Chaitanya. My co-actors have been very supportive and helped me throughout the project. I’m sure everyone will love this series”

Writers Vijay, Karthik say “We’ve started writing for it before COVID. Most of the scenes in this series are taken from our lives too. We thank Mahi V Raghav, Pradeep garu, director Teja, Technicians and Artists for the opportunity”

Hero Abhinav Gomatam says, “After ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’, I haven’t worked with these many lead actors in recent times. Keeping our sequence aside, many artists worked in other series as well. We enjoyed alot in the shot gaps on sets. All the schedules were planned smoothly and went well. I personally like Priyadarshi, Sujatha track more whereas Krishna and Devayani’s track is too honest”

Heroine Pavani says, “I personally like Priyadarshi, Sujatha episodes. Also, the track between Abhinav and Rohini is hilarious. We’ve connected to each other like a family with this series. We got an amazing response at the preview. I’m happy to be part of this wonderful series”

Heroine Sujatha says, “I wholeheartedly thank Mahi Raghav, Director Teja and Cinematographer Vishwa garu. I thought it’s easy to work but now I’m glad my debut series is being launched by them. They gave me full freedom to learn and work. My co-artist Priyadarshi has cooperated well to work with ease”

Hero Priyadarshi says, “We’ve got an amazing response at the premier. We made everyone emotional with Balagam and this series is an out-n-out entertainer. Vijay and Kartik have written well along with Pradeep. Mahi has always been inspiring on and off sets. I’m happy and proud to be part of such a wonderful project.”

Mahi V Raghav is the showrunner of this series directed by Teja Kakumanu with story and production by Pradeep Advaitam.

Cast: Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, Chaitanya Krishna, Sujatha, Pavani Gangireddy, Deviyani, Gangavva, Harshavardhan, Venu Tillu, Rohini, Saddam

Creators: Mahi V Raghav, Pradeep Advaitham

Director: Teja Kakumanu

Writer: Pradeep Advaitham

DOP: S.V.Vishweshwar

Music Director: Sriram Maddury

Editor: Shravan Katikaneni

Costume Designer: Hyndavi Suda

PRO: GSK Media

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